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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:08

SARB Corporation.

Company that Provides Software Analysis, Design, Development, and Maintenance of Business Application Systems

Our company provides software analysis, design, development, and maintenance for business application systems. We also offer computer-related consultation and dispatch of engineers. The lineup also includes website planning and production, and we strive to provide optimal services with our creative proposals and flexible mobility.

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Business Description
SES Business
<Service Description>
Consultation on computers (large general-purpose computers and open systems)
Through consultation, we provide a full range of services from requirement definition to system development and post-operational support to meet customers' needs.

Software analysis, design, development, operation, and maintenance
We design and develop applications and systems for large general-purpose computers and build client/server systems. We undertake the design, development, management, and maintenance of all system-related operations.

Dispatch of engineers
As partners to your company, we can introduce engineers in all fields. We handle information on our personnel as well as those of our partners and information on high-value projects.

<Main Achievements>
Built a system (large-scale development) for a major life insurance company
Built an international trade export/import system (medium-scale development)
Built a short-term investment system (medium-scale development)
Built a mail-order system for a major mail-order company (i series (former AS/400) development)
Support for building a POS cash register system for an apparel company (i series (former AS/400) development)
Digitalization of terrestrial broadcasting of a TV station (web/open system development)
Development, maintenance, and customization of packaged accounting system software (web/open system development)
Website Planning and Production
<Service Description>
Website planning
A creative team will be assembled considering the nature of the project, and optimized goals will be set to build the website.

Website production
Comprehensive solutions are flexibly offered for website construction, covering web page design to coding and programming.

Creative Consulting
A creative team will be assembled to facilitate art direction and brand consulting according to the content of various projects, such as corporate public relations, artists, etc.

Graphic Design
Production services for printed materials such as DVD and CD packages, posters, leaflets, magazine advertisements, etc., are available.

We offer the best photography for graphic design. 

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