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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:03

Sakabashouten Co.,Ltd.

One of the Largest Wholesalers of Daily Consumer Goods in Ibaraki Prefecture

Our company, which handles a wide variety of daily consumer goods such as toiletries, household products, household paper, business supplies, paper, and ceramics, has business relationships with numerous manufacturers and retailers. Our philosophy is to contribute to the local community through this wholesale function by improving the efficiency of inventory management and ordering, etc., while maintaining close communication with manufacturers and retailers.

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Department Information
Sales Department
The primary task of the Sales Department is business negotiations with our customers, retailers, and manufacturers who supply products to us. 

They make recommendations on products and their visual presentation on the sales floor and analyze product marketing trends based on sales data before providing the products. Another aspect of their job is to gather information on new products from manufacturers and use such information in negotiations with retailers.

Since they play the role of connecting retailers, manufacturers, and customers through the distribution of products, a sincere attitude that enhances trust, a smile that makes a good impression, and above all, good business sense, are essential in this job.
Merchandise Department
The Merchandise Department quickly responds to orders from various customers, including home improvement centers, drugstores, other retailers, government agencies, hospitals, and nursing care facilities. Their job is to check over 10,000 orders daily against internal inventory data to secure products and manage inventory.

If they place orders only after receiving orders from customers, the product would not be delivered to the customer promptly. Therefore, the job requires intelligence to secure products in advance based on product characteristics, seasonal variations, and weather conditions.
Operations Department
The Operations Department consists of three groups (systems, volume sales, and special sales). The Volume Sales Group and Special Sales Group enter the data of orders received from their respective customers into the operation system, receive order data from EDI (Electronic Data Interchange: a system for exchanging electronic data related to business transactions between companies through a computer network), and convert it into shipping data, thereby giving shipping instructions to the Logistics Department.
Logistics Department
The Logistics Department delivers products to retailers such as home improvement centers, government offices, hospitals, etc., “for our customers, anytime, anywhere, accurately.” The core of this operation is to reliably sort, ship, and deliver the 230,000 items that come in from manufacturers according to retailers' orders per day. Its mission is to ensure safe and reliable delivery of customers’ orders.

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