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A Company Manufacturing, Selling and Repairing Fare Meters and Other Taxi-Related Equipment

Our company manufactures, sells, and repairs taxi meter system equipment, other taxi-related equipment, and various reference devices. We have contributed to streamlining and labor conservation in the industry by developing in-vehicle terminals for prepaid cards and credit cards, as well as office automation and systemization in the taxi business. Our nationwide network of distributors and a system of 14 directly managed locations provide higher quality.

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Sales Pitch

Product Information
Luminous Taximeter
It is slim, compact, and fits nicely in the car.
NOTE: Luminous is our registered trademark.


Slim design
The flat, slim design makes it easy to install anywhere.
Total taxi fare display
Pressing the addition button switches the display to a combined total indication, so you can see the amount to be paid at a glance.

Indication of the last ETC passed
It displays the details of the last ETC the taxi used.

Main Functions

4.3-inch color display
The display size is a perfect fit for any car.

Multi-button system
The buttons are easy to recognize when operated as they change colors.

ETC linkage
Linkage with ETC makes it possible to display ETC charges on the meter.

Zero adjustment
The cumbersome clock setting is automatically corrected based on the radio’s time signal.

Eco-drive warning to support safe driving
Displays warning messages for overspeeding and sudden acceleration/deceleration. The system supports safe and eco-friendly driving.

Other Functions
Linkage to payment terminals, automatic switching between fare and additional charge, auto calendar, automatic test support, onboard fare revision, advance notice of fare addition, error operation prevention, etc.
Taxi System
Imports operation data from taximeters and tachographs with a simple operation 
*It sends operation (sales) data via wireless LAN and is operable with driver cards
Improved operational efficiency with various report creation, data retrieval, and analysis functions
Supports CSV output by default to realize interoperability with other systems

Main Functions

(1) Automatic daily report
Automates daily driving reports to alleviate the drivers’ in-vehicle workload.
Helps solve issues in sales effectively by analyzing sales data, travel routes, etc., from multiple perspectives.
Sorts out the time-consuming accounts receivables, greatly simplifying paperwork.
Daily reports are output in a layout that meets customer requirements. 

(2) Digital tachograph analysis
Statutory three elements (speed, distance, and time) are analyzed on a single screen.
Functions to manage and search by vehicle and driver are available.
Analyzes driving tendencies based on speed information and provides a full range of driving evaluation functions. 

Other Functions
Supports various CSV outputs and paper reporting functions.
Dedicated online support is available in case of system trouble (paid maintenance contract is required).
Other Taximeter Related System Equipment
<Reference Device for Inspecting Taximeters>
SMT-1 reference device for inspecting taximeters (fixed type)
The device enables safe and smooth inspection while driving.

HRT-1 reference device for inspecting taximeters (mobile type)
Unlike the fixed type reference device, users can carry this to a suitable site for inspection.

PET-30 photoelectric tachometer
The device set is so compact that it can be stored in the attached aluminum case.

<LED Lamp>
Realizes improved visibility and operability, multifunctionality, and long service life.

<Voice Guidance System>
Fully interoperable with the taximeter. This is a voice guidance system that only Nishibe can realize.

<Electric door>
It opens and closes the door using an electric motor, a first in the industry.

<Digital tachograph>
SU100 compact digital tachograph
The digital tachograph can be linked with the taximeter.
Taxi Related Equipment
EC-60 multi-purpose meter 
New-generation high-specification meter with built-in printer.

<IP radio>
Cosmotalk onboard IP radio communication device (C203a)
J-Mobile onboard IP radio communication device (A901)

<Drive recorder>
Witness IV
Long-awaited drive recorder with further improvements

<Security measure>
Security partition
Effective for preventing trouble, violence, and robbery during taxi rides.

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