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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:08


Planning, Development, Manufacture, Sales, and Export/Import of Textile Products for Clothing

Our company develops reversible innerwear, loungewear, and other products with no inside-out or back-to-front. We deliver good products made in Japan, mainly in Senshu, Osaka, where the textile industry is thriving, at reasonable prices.

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Smart Underwear: HONESTIES
Reversible Innerwear with No Inside-out or Back-to-front
By adopting a reversible fabric and using a unique sewing technique, we made no difference in the right or wrong sides of the innerwear so that it can be worn both ways. In order to realize a comfortable fit and a lean silhouette, we made numerous pattern adjustments before commercializing the product. We also created a lineup of 4-way reversible designs, "Can be worn right any ways," with no difference in front and back in addition to inside and out. As a truly universal design, it aims to be stress-free for businesspeople, people raring children or caring for the elderly, and people with handicaps such as visual impairment.
Exclusive Fabric with Pleasant Touch and Feel
The soft fabric with a gentle feel is as comfortable as if it were your own skin. For the sawing method, we adopted a special 4-needle "flat seamer" sewing machine that is used mainly for making baby clothes and wetsuits to prevent seams from damaging the skin. Honesties innerwear is carefully crafted one by one with highly advanced techniques and can be worn for a long time with peace of mind.
Antibacterial and Deodorizing Functions
Anti-bacterial and deodorant processing cuts down unpleasant half-dried and sweaty odors. This reduces stress in laundering and allows you to keep wearing it comfortably all day long. For example, all HONESTIES smooth fabric underwear is treated with an anti-bacterial process that combines skincare property and softness of silver colloids and silk amino acids, which are known for their high anti-bacterial capabilities. Experiments have confirmed that they have excellent wash durability.

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