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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:08

Maazel Corporation, Ltd.

Specializing in Soup Smoothies with 34 Kinds of Vegetables and Malted Rice

The soup smoothie made from 34 kinds of entirely domestic vegetables and malted rice is appreciated not only by customers for themselves but also as gifts for private celebrations, birthdays, thank-you gifts, mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, etc., for loved ones who care about their health and beauty.

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Business Description
Contributing to Development of Agriculture in Japan
Maazel Maazel focuses on "imperfect vegetables" based on our philosophy of "contributing to the development of agriculture in Japan.” Fruits and vegetables grown with the same care in the same fields may have different shapes and sizes, but their taste and nutritional value remain the same. We are actively purchasing "imperfect vegetables" that cannot be purchased due to their poor appearance directly from farmers and making use of them.
Vegetables and Fruits Produced in Japan
All Maazel Maazel smoothies are free of additives, sugar, and ice. We have also developed Maazel Paste, a unique blend of 34 kinds of purely domestic vegetables and fruits to make it easy to consume various vegetables in a tasty way. By adding it not only to green smoothies but also to soups and other original products as a base, you can enjoy a healthful taste without worry.
Malted Rice (koji)
We add raw koji (malted rice) which is so nutritious that it has been called "drinkable IV-drip" since olden times, to all of our original products, including smoothies and soups. Malted rice is low in calories, rich in the three major digestive enzymes with an excellent absorption rate.

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