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Ohtsuka Co., Ltd.

Stable provision of high-precision products

We manufacture metal products such as automotive parts, air conditioning equipment, and industrial equipment, as well as resin molded products. In addition to more than 10 manufacturing bases in Japan, we also have manufacturing bases overseas. We are collaborating with each base to support globalization, so that we can take orders, manufacture, and deliver products to Japanese companies, as well as customers operating abroad.

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Sales Pitch

Main Products
Processing technology and application examples
1. Cutting, bending, end processing, brazing, heat treatment of various metal pipes
[Use Cases]
・ Flexible hoses and pipes for car air conditioners
・ Railway piping
・ Piping one-touch connection structure

2. Processing of flexible products using various materials (tube shapes, sheet shapes)
[Use Cases]
・ Heat retention, thermal insulation, electromagnetic wave shielding material (O-FLEX, Sheet-FLEX)
・ Impact energy absorber (O-EA)
・ Air-conditioning / industrial flexible ducts (CLIP-FLEX, U-LOCK, etc.)

3. Pressing
[Use Cases]
・ Flanges, etc.

4. Resin molding (injection)
[Use Cases]
・ Pipe clamps
・ Protective plastic caps

5. Others
・ AIR-SOX (an air conditioning system using the principle of natural convection)
・ Hydropneumatic related parts
Business Introduction
Automotive parts
The Japanese automobile industry has established more than 100 years ago, so speed and comfort are now just one of the industry’s many challenges. Above all, we strive to improve the safety and environmental performance of automotive parts.
We provide products that meet the needs of our customers in various elements of automobiles, such as car air conditioners and flexible tubes, with reliable high quality, high functionality, and affordable prices.
[Products Handled]
◎ Air conditioner, heater piping
Pipe processing and hose assembly of all materials
Flexible hoses that are lightweight and have excellent thermal insulation and heat resistance
Thermal insulating and heat-resistant sheets that are not restrained by the shape of the protected body
Electromagnetic wave shield hoses that have both thermal insulation and heat resistance
◎ Impact Absorber O-EA
An impact absorber that protects the body from collisions
Air conditioning equipment
Air creates the environment. Environments nurture people.
Air conditioning is an important factor to determine the comfort and productivity of people who live and work in a given environment.
As a pioneer of architectural air conditioning ducts compatible with all manner of buildings, we will continue to meet the needs of our customers with reliable technology and quality.
[Products Handled]
◎ Flexible ducts with excellent flexibility which are also used in office buildings and detached houses made by house manufacturers.
Industrial ducts with excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance.
◎ Sox ducts
These ducts have a very low blowing speed, creating an environment where wind speed cannot be felt.
Industrial equipment
STAUFF is a pioneering company of hydropneumatic parts in Germany.
As STAUFF’s sole distributor in Japan, we have sold hydropneumatic products for about half a century. Today, we handle not only STAUFF products, but also domestic and foreign products related to hydropneumatics.
We have technological capabilities as a manufacturer, and a wide ranging procurement network that handles domestic and foreign products. Using these two strengths, we not only sell individual products, but also sell module products that combine our technology with purchased parts.
[Products Handled]
◎ STAUFF Pipe Clamps
◎ STAUFF Quick Tests
◎ STAUFF other products
◎ VOSWINKEL Quick Release Coupling
◎ SCANWILL Hydraulic boosters
◎ Piping Processing and Modules

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