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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:11

ME Development CO.,LTD.

We make proposals for constant-temperature, constant-humidity, clean, and cool environments for measurement and testing

Based on our expertise in developing measuring and calibration instruments, we propose improvements for weighing and testing environments with AERO-CUBE, a simplified constant-temperature room.

We handle orders from unique constant-temperature facilities using ordinary air conditioning to precision air conditioning, as well as constant humidity needs (low humidity and humidification), cleanliness needs (cleanrooms), and cold/heat needs (high/low temperature testing and cold/heat alteration testing).

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Business overview
Proposals for developing measuring instruments and for improving measuring environments
We undertake development and manufacturing of special measuring instruments that help improve measurement reliability and rationalization.

Master gauges for calibrating 3D measuring equipment
Master gauges for machine tool on-machine measurement accuracy inspections
Measuring gauge self-production kits
Various weighing-related software
Various weighing-related software
Various calibration instruments
AERO-CUBE simple constant-temperature chambers
Improving measurement and production environments
With the shift to EVs and the growth of the IoT, environmental improvement and management are now required at production sites for product lines that had not required them in the past.

In this context, it is important to determine the appropriate environmental level for products and production operations, and to achieve such an environment at an appropriate cost.

Our AERO-CUBE can meet a wide range of environmental needs, from simple to full-scale laboratories, and we can make proposals with flexibility and high cost performance.


(1) Can be used for various purposes
Ensuring accuracy in 3D measuring equipment
Improving machine tool accuracy
Improving material storage environments
Improving inspection and assembly rooms
Securing clean environments that can replace full-scale cleanrooms

(2) No size limitation and special designs also available
No horizontal size limit and height over 10m is possible
Complex shapes to match existing buildings are possible

(3) Flexible support for relocation and remodeling or expansion after installation
Frame-joint structure
Disassembly and relocation possible

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