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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:05

AiDeal Tech Co.,Ltd.

Contributing to Society by Creating New Value Through Ideas and Technology

Our first development, the multi-reflection technology for an air sterilizing device to reflect ultraviolet rays without fail, is patent-pending jointly with the National Hospital Organization. Its design and production, as well as the ultraviolet lamp, main unit, and other auxiliary units, are all manufactured in Japan to give users peace of mind. While many air purifiers and sterilizers are on the market, we pursue reliable performance, quality, and safety.

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Sales Pitch

Features of the Air Guardian® UV C-Wave Air Sterilization System
Amazing Sterilizing Power
[Instant Sterilization: Multiple Reflection of Ultraviolet Light]
The ultraviolet C wave is a magnetic ray with a potent bactericidal effect. The ultraviolet rays come from the sun, but they rarely reach the ground. The C-waves are reflected multiple times inside the device, and the air passing through the device is sterilized instantly.
Proven Performance
The effectiveness of the sterilization cannot be verified without actually using the device. We tested the performance of Air Guardian® using airborne bacteria and viruses. 
Floating bacteria sterilization test: Shokukanken, Inc. (Laboratory of food environment and hygiene)
Floating virus sterilization test: National Hospital Organization Sendai Medical Center
Floating human coronavirus sterilization test: National Hospital Organization Sendai Medical Center
Use Case
Masks and partitions cannot prevent airborne infection perfectly. The device instantly sterilizes the air intake to maintain a clean conversational space and protect your loved ones. 
Restaurant reception
Head spa salons
Shared offices
Corporate reception rooms
Nursing homes
Inside passenger cars