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A company that imports and sells raw lumber and lumber products, makes and sells various building materials, does precut processing, and more.

Our business covers a wide range of lumber-related businesses, including import and sale of logs and lumber, manufacture and sale of building materials, pre-cut processing and sale, and cultivation of company-owned forests. In import sales, we have built trusting relationships with countries around the world, and in response to domestic demand for lumber, we produce high-quality products in our own factories for building materials and pre-cut processing. Our subsidiaries include Tenryu Canada Corporation, which mainly sells North American lumber, and Tenryu Prepark Co., Ltd., which provides everything from sales of flooring materials to construction.

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Major Products & Services
Import and sale of logs and lumber
We import and sell lumber from around the world. We actively exchange information with local companies to ensure a stable supply of lumber. For our core product North American lumber, we have established an import system in cooperation with Tenryu Canada to meet the needs of our business partners, such as by doing on-site inspection and purchasing.

<Items Handled>
・American lumber logs/products: Peelers, American pine, American cypress, spruce, western hemlock, white fir, eastern red cedar, dimension materials
・Nordic wood products: white wood, red wood, German fir
・Russian lumber logs/products: red pine, Yezo spruce
・South Sea lumber logs/products: agathis, melapi, selaya, perupok, merkus, rubber
・African lumber
Manufacture and sales of building materials
We manufacture and sell a wide variety of wooden building materials such as various flooring materials, wall materials, and printed plywood. In addition to manufacturing JAS-certified flooring materials and printed plywood at our own factory, we also offer custom coating on our own coating line. We also offer antiviral and antimicrobial flooring materials, as well as printed plywood to provide a more comfortable living environment.

<Construction example>
・Educational institutions
・Citizens and cultural facilities
・Welfare facilities
・Public facilities
・Commercial facilities
・Sports facilities
・General housing

<Products handled>
See our online catalog at the following URL.
Pre-cut processing
We process precut materials at our own precutting factory. In order to consistently maintain high quality, we provide an integrated system to cover everything including meetings, CAD input, pre-cutting, hand-engraving, quality check, and shipping.