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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:29


We at PGFlab have various experience and achievements in relation to hardware development.

Our company was initially founded as a development contractor. In the course of doing business, we have received many requests to deliver goods rather than drawings and data, and support manufacturing of goods.

We manufacture prototypes and mass-produced products having ensured quality from hardware development to specification and design proposals.

We also respond to requests for spot development matching customer needs.

Based on our development experience and speed cultivated in the home electronics appliances industry over the course of 10 years, we contribute to a wide range of customers including startups and major manufacturers.


Sales Pitch

Development, manufacturing, reverse engineering
Hardware development and design contracting
Our specialty is resin housing products, such as home electronics appliances,
precision equipment, and Internet of Things products.

We have a record of taking multiple development contracts from startup customers,
and we can make specification proposals, design proposals, and mass-production ready development,
even when customers do not have a fully formed plan for the product they want to make.

We also have a record of mass production design for air purifiers, handheld products, at the request of major product manufacturers.
Manufacture and forming of dies and molds
We have milling cutters, machining centers, and electric discharge machines,
and are able to manufacture dies and molds from the perspective of product designers.
We also have a 50 ton molding machine, so we can form and check shapes immediately after manufacturing dies and molds.
Reverse engineering
Using the 3D measuring instrument ATOS-Q,
it is possible to create CAD data for parts without drawings and to remanufacture actual products.
We have a record of remanufacturing actual products with an accuracy within ±0.05 mm.

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