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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:21

Fukui Kankyo Plastic Co.,Ltd.

We make cost reduction proposals for pallets and contribute to customer SDGs activities.

As a recycling specialist, we manufacture the largest number of models in Japan. 100% recycled plastic raw material “Kan Pallet”
■ We propose methods for material cost reduction to users who are looking for quality and strength, such as loading heavy objects.
■ For users who want to improve the function and strength of pallets, we will make proposals at low cost.
■ We make proposals to achieve SDGs targets using “Kan Pallets”.

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Our strengths are high cost performance and contribution to SDGs! “Kan Pallet” made with 100% recycled plastic raw materials
■ Proposals for material cost reductions for users who are looking for quality and strength
We believe relatively high-strength pallets will be selected for applications such as commuting storage for long-term operations, as well as the loading of heavy objects. On the other hand, the purchase cost will inevitably increase in such cases.

Kan Pallets are our proposal for cost reduction to customers who demand such pallet strength.
In addition, Kan Pallets made from recycled materials can realize cost reductions compared to major new raw material pallets.

{Our Achievements}
● We have a track record of adoption in industries including food and pharmaceuticals, which were difficult to serve with conventional recycled pallets, and we have been highly evaluated in terms of cost, while still clearing quality and performance standards.
● Some of our models have even been used in automated warehouses.
■ For users who want to improve the function and strength of pallets, we make proposals at low cost.
We think that relatively lightweight mesh pallets will be selected for uses such as 1-way shipping and loading of lightweight items. In such cases, we select materials placing highest priority on the price, because pallet strength is not needed. There are many customers who have problems such as traces of cargo and inadequate strength in some situations.

We propose Kan Pallets to customers, in order to improve strength and traces, while keeping material costs as low as possible.
■ Contributing to the achievement of customers’ SDGs goals using “Kan Palette”
[Features of Kan Pallets]
● Contributes to SDGs 3, 9, 12, and 17.
● Reduces CO2 emissions by about 30% compared to new raw material pallets.
● We take used “Kan Pallets” free of charge (if customers bring them to our factory) and reuse them as raw materials for pallets.
● “Kan Pallets” use 100% recycled materials.
 Products certified by Eco Mark and Fukui Prefecture certified recycled products.
● We are participating in the Fukui Eco-Cap Campaign (a campaign to deliver vaccines to children around the world) and supporting developing countries.
● By adopting the “Kan Pallets,” we will contribute to the achievement of our customers’ SDGs goals through complementary partnerships.

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