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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:34

Koei Syoji Co., Ltd.

We sell plastic products and countermeasure products for problems that occur in the work environments.

We sell OEM for various plastic products and molded products, as well as the countermeasure items for various problems that are useful for work environment improvement (water leaks, condensation, static electricity, oil and various liquid chemical leaks, etc.).

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Countermeasure products for problems occurring in the work environment
Countermeasure products for “water troubles” such as water leaks
Concept: A line of emergency water countermeasure products for quickly dealing with accidents such as water leaks on ceilings and floors. Supports cases such as water absorption, water leaks, and water inflow prevention.

Example locations: Interiors and entrances of buildings, plazas such as athletic grounds, air conditioning equipment, water supply and drainage facilities, backyards such as food factories and warehouses, etc.  
Anti-leak products for oil and liquid chemicals
Concept: A lineup of products intended for adsorption of substances other than water that have leaked (or spilled) on the floor. It adsorbs quickly without getting the user’s hands dirty.

Example locations: Various factories, assembly workshops, in transportation, kitchens, inside the buildings, laboratories, etc.
Condensation and rust prevention products
Concept: A line of products that easily prevents condensation and humidity caused by temperature differences and corrosion of metal parts caused by such moisture.

Example locations: Warehouses, factories, indoors and outdoors (especially harbor areas),