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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:49

Marukoh Gum Co., Ltd.

Marukoh Gum offers broad support for trial manufacturing, mass production, and small-lot production of rubber products.

With regard to rubber molding, we make proposals, support design, do trial manufacturing, and even small quantity production with processing methods that match the application, in order to meet the needs of customers. In particular, we excel at vulcanization adhesion.

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[Company Overview]
[Business Description (Rubber Molding / Processing Items)]
[Material Used]
 ・ Synthetic rubber
 ・ Millable silicone rubber
 ・ Liquid silicone rubber
 ・ Liquid urethane rubber
[Molding and Processing Items]
 ・ Molded products
 ・ Vulcanized adhesives
 ・ Rubber cylindrical grinding, machining
[Material Used]
 ・ OA equipment rolls (low to high hardness)
 ・ Rolls for industrial machinery
 ・ Anti-vibration rubber, packing
[Rubber Product Examples]
・ Longline winding machine (urethane rubber roller)
・ Made of synthetic rubber
・ Longline winding line hauler (made of synthetic rubber) is replaced with urethane rubber that has the carbon stain prevention and wear resistance of silk gut.
・ ATM bill feed roller
・ Rollers for ATMs
・ Urethane rubber roll
[Owned Equipment]
・ Press molding equipment
・ Liquid urethane rubber molding equipment
・ Constant temperature bath
・ Grinding equipment
・ Inspection equipment
Various other equipment

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