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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:57

Belief Works Co.,Ltd.

Total support from system design, construction, and operation, mainly for system operation automation services

Based on many years of operations experience, we design and build systems that utilize our operations know-how of “how to keep it in use.”
In order to solve problems at operation sites, we provide our in-house developed operation automation service “Alert Mail Filter”, which contributes to reducing operation man-hours and cost, and improving operation quality.
Alert Mail Filter is also implemented in our own operational services, and our strength is that we provide low-cost, high-quality operational services.


Sales Pitch

Operations automation service “Alert Mail Filter”
We have automated troubleshooting and contributed to reduction of operation man-hours.
< Overview >
Alerts from our monitoring system are automatically sorted, and only those that need to be handled are sent to the person in charge. As a result, the person in charge does not receive alerts that are just confirmations or alerts that do not require a response, reducing unnecessary man-hours.

< Automatic Notification Function >
Notifications of escalations are made automatically by email, chat or phone. Automatic calls can be made in order of rotation when multiple persons in charge are required.

< Filter Function >
Users can register conditions for the subject, body, date, and time of the alert, as well as conditions such as the number of alerts, the number of occurrences in a certain period, the series of alerts for occurrence and recovery, and can also suppress alert notifications.
Email can be automatically reported by phone
It can automatically generate talk scenarios by extracting content to be spoken on the phone from the body of an email.
When specific emails are received, it can automatically report by phone what should be said and to whom.
Can give a response policy at the time of alert notification
When sending alert emails to staff in charge, it is possible to add contents and procedures to be dealt with, links to procedure manual, and more.
This expedites the initial response to failure, so no mistakes are made, and the time until recovery is shortened.
It can also simplify education and skill transfer of staff assigned as operators.