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Injection molding of transparent resin. We provide full support starting from optical design.

・ We can handle everything from optical design to manufacturing of dies and molds, and even mass production.
・ We can start from trial manufacturing
・ We produce bowed and curved light guides only possible with injection molding
・ Molding production in a clean environment.
・ Supports up to H-850t size products.

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Light Guides
Light guides (light guide rod, light rods, area light emission)
◆ Automobile interior ambient lighting (dashboard, center console, door trim, indirect lighting, decorations)
◆ Home electronics, housing fixture lighting (decoration, differentiation)
Long uniform lighting with few LEDs. Avoids uneven luminosity caused by individual LED variations.
◆ Robots, air conditioners, air purifiers, water purifiers, amusement devices (situational information with movement of light)
*Thanks to light input at both ends (one side), there is no LED graininess, making smooth and continuous expression possible. The light guide body can be made transparent for sodium bicarbonate display.
Light guides (light guide plate)
◆ For LCD panels for automobiles, facility equipment, and medical equipment
 In automobiles, front design has become more diversified
 We start production and supply of bowed light guide plates to the industry as soon as possible.
 *Molded liquid crystal display light guide plate in Japan.
 We can have direct meetings immediately. We can handle small to medium weight products.
 We can produce large quantities at our factory in Thailand.
 We can supply to Thailand, its neighboring countries, and China.
Light Guide (diffusion control)
◆ Interior lights, vanity lights, map lamps
◆ Housing fixture sinks, security lights (also installed in stores as indirect lighting)
*Improved analysis of diffusion control with optical simulations

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