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Localia, Inc.

Challenge Local with You.

We support AI implementation according to your business needs

We provide one-stop support for AI implementation for Monozukuri craftsmanship, from human resource training to development and implementation, for everything from automotive parts manufacturing to creative decision making.

We promise to provide support tailored to your technology implementation phase by listening closely to your issues rather than merely selling technologies and services.

Let's move forward together, one step at a time.

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DX/AI corporate training services
DX/AI user training program
Compact design program for beginners

Acquire basic knowledge of AI to be able to communicate smoothly with AI project proponents
Master the AI literacy necessary for today's business
Be able to propose ideas for business improvement using AI, etc.
DX/AI business planning program
Training human resources capable of planning and promoting projects

For training to the level of an AI project promotion leader, and to be able to prepare AI project proposals
Master the AI literacy and AI implementation promotion methods necessary for today's business
Be able to create an AI implementation proposal that solves your company's problems and can be put into practice right away
DX/AI sales enhancement program
Compact design program for sales staff

By acquiring basic knowledge of AI development and key points to determine whether or not AI is necessary, participants will be able to verbalize sales patterns that can be used immediately in the field
Master the AI literacy necessary for today's business
Role-playing will assist in learning to output the thinking process
AI development support services
One-stop support
We provide one-stop support for all phases, including problem organization and planning, analysis, on-site operation design, and system development.

We don't just introduce AI. We provide flexible support tailored to your needs and budget so we can use AI to solve your business problems.

We can handle your requests for each phase and spot!
Flexible services, flexible prices
We provide a wide range of support from spot advisory to full-scale AI development.

Please feel free to contact us for a flexible solution that fits your budget.
Solid knowledge and track record
Even with AI, there is no silver bullet in problem-solving methods.

From advanced deep learning to classical decision trees and regressions, we help solve business problems according to your applications, needs, and QCD.
DX/AI consulting
DX/AI workshops
Through workshops, AI plans are incorporated into an implementation plan in a short period of time.

We offer a wide range of programs from policy planning to new business creation.
DX/AI consulting support
We will be in charge of your company's AI department and promote problem solving.

We support smooth management decisions, from understanding the current situation to deciding whether or not AI is necessary.
We can handle the theme of AI/DX, including changes in society due to AI, case studies, and introduction of state-of-the-art technologies.

Also, please contact us for lectures at universities and other educational institutions.

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