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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:14


If you have problems with surface treatment, leave it to Drilube!

In addition to our main product, Drilube coating, we have various coating processing technologies, and we approach customers’ surface treatment problems from various directions to contribute to their solutions.

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Electricity, heat, friction, wear countermeasure coating films on metal, resin, rubber
Solid film lubricant “Drilube”
Drilube is a film made by adding solid lubricant such as molybdenum disulfide, fluororesin, and graphite to a special binder. The main feature of this film is its lubricating ability, but it is also a multifunctional film that brings added value to a single piece of film, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, non-adhesion, and matte finish.
Drilube Product Lineup
The Drilube product lineup is divided into 10 types.
We seek solutions to your problems from various directions.
Group 1: Lubrication / Group 2: Heat / Group 3: Electricity / Group 4: Water and Oil Repellent / Group 5: Chemical and Gas Resistant / Group 6: Optics / Group 7: Quick Dry Lubricant / Group 8: DLC / Group 9: Decoration and Appearance / Group 10: Others
Quick-drying lubricant “Lubick”
This room temperature quick-drying chemical solution exhibits lubrication performance due to the fluorine powder contained within. You can easily add lubrication performance to parts, and use it as a substitute for lubricants for which dirt with oil or grease can pose a problem.

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