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Hakusan Co., Ltd.

A company that develops, manufactures, and sells optical communications-related products, lightning protection products, ultra-precision resin molded products, etc.

We have provided optical communications related products including world-class quality MT ferrules; lightning protection products in the fields of communication, electric power and solar power; ultra-precision resin molded products such as important parts for automobiles, and environmental energy related products such as lithium ion storage batteries and uninterruptible power supplies. With “connections” and “safety and security” as our keywords for technology, we change and evolve with our customers on a daily basis.

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Main Products
MT connectors related parts
● MT ferrules
These ferrules connect multi-core optical fibers in a bundle, with high precision and high density. Our lineup includes multimode and single mode with various fiber counts.

< Features >
・MT (Mechanically Transferable) ferrules are manufactured using polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), a thermoplastic resin, as a raw material.
・Multi-core optical fiber with a diameter of 125 μm and a pitch of 250 μm is fixed to MT ferrules using epoxy adhesive, and then polished to form the connection end face.
・For multimode, we use planar protrusion polishing, and for single mode, we use oblique protrusion polishing.
・Optical fibers are connected by inserting stainless steel guide pins into two precisely formed guide pin holes.
・MT ferrules conform to IEC standard 61754-5.

It is half the length of normal MT ferrules, so you can expect to save space and do high-density mounting, and the interface is usually 250 μm pitch, the same as 12 MT ferrules.

・MTCOMPACTⓇ Slim: Slim 12-core MT ferrules with a thickness of 1.25 mm.
・MTCOMPACTⓇ Short: Short 12-core MT ferrules with a length of 4 mm.
・MTCOMPACTⓇ Slim & Short: Thin and short 12-core MT ferrules with a thickness of 1.25 mm and a length of 4 mm.
Rail gas pressure welding machines
A rail gas pressure welder works by butting together the ends of rails, and heating this part with an oxy-acetylene flame while it is being pressurized and welded.

It can also bond materials other than rails with high strength, making it suitable for long oddly shaped materials. Ideal for bonding (welding) on construction sites.

< Features >
・This equipment is adjusted to obtain uniform quality.
・The excess portion is punched out and sheared while it is still red hot, immediately after pressure welding, so the work efficiency of grinder finishing is remarkably improved. If a defect occurs in the pressure welding area, the defect opens up during punching, so it is effective for quality control of the welding area.
Heat pressure welding machines (butt welders)
The heat pressure welding method is a wire rod welding method that greatly improves upon the connection performance of the conventional upset butt welding method.

We can also do bonding (welding) of steel, copper, and aluminum with high strength through butt welding, and boding (welding) of stranded wires, deformed materials, and dissimilar metals.

< Features >
・Can connect a wide range of materials
・Good connection performance
・Makes it very easy to finish connected parts.
・Connection is so easy that anyone can do it.
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), storage battery related products
● Uninterruptible power supply UPS-LiB360N
UPS-LiB360N (OEM product) has large capacity, long operating life, and high performance SPD, so unlike with conventional UPS, even if there is a long-term power outage due to a disaster, or the like, it is still possible to use business phones and the Internet for a certain period of time. It also uses an environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries.

● Ultra-compact uninterruptible power supply LiB-036MS <new release>
Power is supplied to the home gateway even if the power supply is interrupted due to a blackout. It can serve as a back up internet connection, phone lines, etc.

< Features >
・First in Japan: A unique UPS product developed for AC adapter devices such as home gateways for the first time in Japan
・Simple installation: Just connect the connected device to the AC adapter
・Compact and lightweight: Realizes both compact and lightweight design, and long-term backup functionality
・Secure and safe: Uses highly reliable lithium-ion batteries made in Japan.
・Scalable: Directly connecting two of these products doubles backup time.
・Charging function: Comes equipped with a USB port for charging
Lightning protection related products
● Thunder Cut X series
Protects business phones and Internet environments from lightning surges. Line type (ADSL/analog, ISDN), and connection method (modular jack, screw terminal), can be chosen according to the application.

● Thunder Cut Tap
This is a power tap type Thunder Cut. There is one type with 7 service outlets and another with 4 service outlets. TAP7-3P-E also supports lightning protection for communication (1 line).

● Thunder Cut Hybrid
This is a highly reliable Thunder Cut high-end model that combines the “pressure-resistant transducer method” and the “bypass arrester method”. It has a two-stage configuration that bypasses and cuts off lightning surges with a pressure-resistant transducer. We are pursuing high performance for information communications terminals, which require high reliability in areas where lightning strikes happen often. It is perfect as a lightning countermeasure for business phone core equipment, POS terminals, security equipment, servers, etc.

● Thunder Cut for LAN
This protects devices from over-voltages such as lightning surges that enter LAN lines. It is perfect for lightning protection of network equipment, such as home gateways, routers, and PCs.
● NTT related products
・No. 6 single-line subscriber protector
・No. 6 double-line subscriber protector
・No. 200 U terminal board
・No. 64 U terminal board
・Cable protector
・BOX type cable protector

● Tools and communications related products
・Magnefix B
・MP crimper
・MP-8 crimper mk2
・U-slit connection tool A
・CCP connector pliers
・Checker stripper
・C-type plug-in metal fittings
・Bond for connecting aluminum tape
・Pooling eye
・Movement stopping hardware for optical fiber cables



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