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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:22

NYK West Japan Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sale of resin lined tanks

Based on our proprietary lining technology, we handle food industry products such as storage tanks for sake and soy sauce, steel sheet integrated water tanks that have excellent earthquake resistance, sanitary qualities, and durability, as well as various linings for the chemical industry and industrial equipment.
Our solvent-free epoxy resin brewing tank has been highly evaluated by many companies in brewing industries such as sake and soy sauce, mainly in the Nada, Fushimi, and Harima areas.

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Business Description: Food equipment: Fermentation, preparation, storage tank
Refined sake
Since becoming the first company in Japan to introduce plastic lining technology, we have contributed to the streamlining, labor saving, and upsizing of equipment in the sake industry, and have secured the top market share. We also design and construct systems for fermentation processes by making full use of our accumulated engineering technology.
Our main product NE-204 (solvent-free heat-curable epoxy resin) forms a strong and dense film and demonstrates excellent durability against high-concentration alcohol, even for a long period of time.
Based on experience and technology cultivated in sake, we have also developed wine, shochu, plum wine, etc.
We have responded to diversification and increased size of fermentation and storage tanks. The excellent sanitary characteristics of our lining keeps beer at high quality and contributes to the cost reduction of manufacturing systems.
Soy sauce
Just as with sake, we have earned the trust of many customers and have secured a wealth of achievements and market share. It has extremely good anti-corrosion properties, even in a severely corrosive environments with high salt content.
We can deliver not only the tank, but also the stage, stairs, air piping for stirring contents with compressed air, cold and hot water equipment for temperature control, piping work for those parts, as well as equipment and machinery attached to the tank, such as control panels and electrical instrumentation work.
Cooling Tank
Resin lining tank type cooling tanks
By combining a lining tank that has a jacket structure with a refrigerator, there is little over-cooling, and we realize optimal temperature control suitable for each product.
Cooling tank for “Moromi Nisshi”
The resin lining tank type cooling tank has evolved.
By supporting Internet of Things, we are able to link with “Moromi Nisshi,” the Internet of Things system for sake brewing.
We can modify existing cooling tanks on site.

What you can do in collaboration with “Moromi Nisshi”:
・ Measure product temperature	・ Record achievements
・ Print forms	・ View graphs
・ Make comparisons	    ・ Monitor product temperature with a smartphone
・ Change the temperature setting on your smartphone
Product temperature control systems
This system controls product temperature with a computer, in order to stably produce high-quality products in the brewing processes of sake and soy sauce. We can do design for each system for 3 types: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.
Building Equipment: Steel plate integrated water tank, design tank
Earthquake resistance
Only the “steel plate integrated type” has not been damaged by earthquake or natural disaster so far.
In the event of an earthquake, water tanks are required to have high seismic resistance, so as to secure drinking water. Therefore, based on design guidelines of the Building Standard Act, strength is calculated based on the coefficient of design horizontal seismic intensity: 1.0 to 2.0.
In our tanks, to prevent the resin from cracking, we made grooves for reinforcement by pressing on plates thicker than the water tanks of other companies. By welding it into a seamless integrated structure, we can deliver it on site as a factory-made finished product with high strength, despite having no internal reinforcement.
As a result, the water tank was not damaged in the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, and other past earthquakes and floods, demonstrating extremely high earthquake resistance.
We hope it can be used to secure water, which protects the lives of local residents.
NE-204 (solvent-free heat-curing epoxy resin) is uniformly cooked and lined on the whole inner and outer surfaces of the tank. NE-204 is a sanitary and safe lining material that complies with the hygiene standards of the Food Sanitation Act and the Waterworks Act, and has been used in food tanks for over 40 years. Steel sheets and NE-204 have outstanding adhesive strength, so there is no peeling. Also, because the surface strength of the lining resin is hard enough, it is not easily scratched, which prevents rusting of steel sheets for a long period of time, so it can store water cleanly forever.
It blocks sunlight, so there is no algae growth.
The surface of the NE-204 coating is smooth, so it does not easily get water stains, and they can be easily wiped off with a sponge. Also, there is no internal reinforcing material in the structure and there are no panel joint grooves (packing, assembly bolts, etc.), so cleaning, maintenance, and inspection can be done very easily, making it easier to manage.
Aesthetic design
We can freely design shape and height according to the installation location and design. We can also build large tanks that are assembled locally after being manufactured in sections at our factory. We design all of our tanks to be strong and durable.
We can install partitions in any position, and our pump chambers are made of steel plates, and have a structure integrated with the water tank, so we can design them freely without being restricted by dimensions.
Chemical industry, industrial machinery
Anti-corrosion lining processing
We do anti-corrosion lining processing by selecting lining material developed specially according to the usage conditions, such as channels, valves, pipes, strainers, etc. for large seawater pumps and seawater heat exchangers for nuclear and thermal power plants.

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