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Latest update: 09/06/2023 10:29:27

Motomiya Anodized Aluminum Industry K.K.

Reliable management and high technology

As a group of anodized aluminum processing and iron chemical conversion treatment professionals, we provide products that meet various needs, and we have earned a reputation for our high level of quality control as well as manufacturing technology. With our reliable experience and track record, we are committed to meeting your needs.

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Product introduction
Anodized aluminum items
In anodized aluminum treatment, we mainly do business with customers related to automotive brakes, OS equipment, vacuum equipment, pneumatic control equipment, etc.
White anodized aluminum
Black anodized aluminum
Hard anodized aluminum

Supported sizes
Anodized aluminum treatment
(L) 1700 mm × (H) 700 mm × (W) 360 mm

We perform a surface treatment process called anodized aluminum treatment, in which electricity is applied to aluminum to form an oxide film on the surface. Anodized aluminum treatment for aluminum products improves corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and insulation properties. Types of anodized aluminum treatment are white anodized aluminum, black anodized aluminum, and hard anodized aluminum. We also provide satin finish treatment prior to anodized aluminum treatment. This anodized aluminum treatment improves hardness and friction resistance. The formation of an oxide film on the aluminum surface also helps to maintain a beautiful appearance for a longer time.
Iron chemical conversion treatment items
We do business with customers in a wide range of fields, including automotive, hydraulic parts, and precision equipment.

Iron black oxide finishing treatment
Manganese phosphate treatment
Zinc phosphate treatment

Supported sizes
Iron chemical conversion treatment
(L) 1330 mm × (H) 630 mm × (W) 300 mm

We perform iron chemical conversion treatment, in which iron products are immersed in a heated chemical conversion treatment solution to cause a chemical reaction on the surface. This improves corrosion resistance and lubricating ability by applying rust-preventive oil after treatment. It is also widely used as a base for coating. Types of iron chemical conversion treatment coatings include iron black oxide treatment, manganese phosphate treatment, and zinc phosphate treatment.

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