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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:19

Kawai Co.,Ltd.

We excel at trial manufacturing and fabricate precision sheet metal with high quality and short delivery times.

We excel at processing of trial manufacturing products, and can handle precision sheet metal processing, such as laser processing, bending, drawing, hole drilling, etc. from drawing creation to high quality control and short delivery time.

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Laser processing
With our laser processing, we use Mitsubishi Electric’s laser processing machine 2512HVII for additional processing and product processing (cutting).
Mainly we use assist gases (oxygen, nitrogen, air) to process products with a thickness of 0.1 mm to 5.0 mm, such as galvanized steel plates, stainless steel plates, and aluminum steel plates. Using all four laser processing machines with the same model, the same oscillator, and the same conditions, we are making efforts to eliminate errors in finishing and processing accuracy for each product, as much as possible. Making full use of these laser processing machines, operating them automatically even at night, we secure mass production by extending the operating time.
Using our proprietary laminated dies and molds and cooperating company backups (wire cutting, machining), and with our skilled staff who each have 10 to 30 years of experience, we can realize minimal deformation, shrinkage, warpage, and distortion that occur during spinning.
In addition, introduction of a 300-ton press has made it possible for us to handle large products.
Hole drilling
In terms of hole machining, we mainly do drilling and half punching (half piercing, embossing, etc.), burring of inner and outer diameters, round spinning, hemispheres, etc.
In addition to having the latest equipment and craftsmanship experience with different materials, plate thicknesses, and dimensional shapes, we pursue high precision required by manufacturers by developing individual techniques and ideas in all aspects.
Processing drawings, dies and molds design
With our program, we do 2D development for laser processing of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. based on requested 2D drawings and 3D drawings, as well as design and drafting of dies and molds.
Gear machining drawing
We also have software for tooth profile stress analysis, so we can easily create racks and pinions, and check for interference when making them.
[Quality Management]
Quality control with 3D measuring instruments
We have various measurement devices to support various product sizes and measurement methods.
For items of typical size, we do measurement with a conventional 3D measurement devices and non-contact 3D measurement devices. For small items and thin items, we use a microscope (measurement microscope) so that we can use measurement methods that suit each product. In order to improve quality (tolerance), we do inspections in every situation, including in-process inspections.

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