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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:17

Sanwaseishi Co.,Ltd.

Every day we work to create a new world of non-woven fabrics based on the tradition of Tosa Washi (Japanese style paper from Tosa Province, the area now known as Kochi Prefecture).

It is highly popular because it is durable and strong Japanese paper, and excellent visual design for food decoration. Our highly evaluated non-woven fabrics is made using water, without resin adhesives. We develop and manufacture our fabrics according to user’s requirements, such as absorbency, water retention, softness, wiping properties, and bulkiness.


Sales Pitch

Spun lace non-woven fabrics
Our 100% natural fiber non-woven fabric is made with water but without using resin adhesive, so it has high absorbency and used as paper towels, “makes food more delicious.” Cosmetic liquids penetrate inside the natural fibers, so it is also ideal for use in face masks for beauty, “to give women more beautiful skin.” High-performance non-woven fabrics are uniquely durable, hard to tear, and soft to the touch, and as a sterilization sheet, it has higher water retention that makes life “more comfortable.”

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