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Latest update: 29/11/2022 12:25:05

Kawai Corporation

We provide comprehensive solutions for your customer development activities.

Get quality appointments at low cost. Formulated a sales strategy up to receiving an order.
Many transactions from major companies to startups.
We propose optimal solutions based on case studies.

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Sales Pitch

"Order-made list" leading high appointment rate
Pick 200 to make a list of 100
he target of BtoB companies is niche.
Therefore, if you do not scrutinize the list, it will be a meaningless tele appointment.
All Kawai Shoji lists are made to order.
We also respond to detailed list conditions requested by customers.
Each list is researched by dedicated staff.
Companies with low prospects are excluded in the list creation, so you can approach them efficiently.

The list is the life of tele appointment!!That's why I put all my effort into it.
We have a system in place that allows us to respond immediately to changes in local conditions, trade regulations, and other trends.
Experienced appointers are in charge
A professional group carries out tele appointments through extensive training
What you need for a tele appointment is not just the technique to make an appointment.
A deep understanding of the product and industry/expertise is required.At Kawai Shoji, we create materials for each client's product,
We provide training to the responsible appointers.

As industry professionals, we take the highest quality approach.
A script that promises the highest quality
Scripts are always top quality
We believe that we can make appointments according to the script.The reason is to effectively talk to customers who have needsTo achieve a high appointment rate,
Faithful execution of high-quolity scripts is essential.

We have explained your company's service well and carefully, you can expect appointment that lead to KGI.
In order to meet the needs of everyone involved in importing and exporting, we try to make our services as visualization and "Clear Accounting" as possible.
trace call
Never miss prospective customers with a follow-up call
The problem with corporate tele appointments is that the list is limited.So you have to effectively get appointments from a limited list.
In a slash-and-burn tele-appointment, the list is quickly digested.This won't get you enough new leads.
Tele appointment is agriculture.Even if you can't connect to an appointment right now,
Careful tracking increases the chances of an appointment.
Email/WEB tracking
Aiming to get an appointment from sending materials
Even if I am told by a tele-appointment, "For now, please send me the materials...", I will not give up.
Because you can get an appointment from sending materials.
At our company, we will make an email approach at the same time as the tele appointment.We aim for appointments using the materials we send as hooks, so we never miss anything.

The best tactics for corporate tele appointments with a small list
Realize the strongest approach using phone and email.