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We execute the full process to bring new technology to business.

From development to product release, we develop the materials of technology into the materials of business.
We specialize in creating product plans that meet needs, conceiving ideas that adapt technologies created through R&D to market needs, as well as building collaborations.

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Universal design products that change long-term care
Back pain is known as a problem stemming from long-term care. Most back pain is caused by “transfer assistance” in which one person carries another.
LIFYT-pi:vo is a fashionable cushion that you can use every day, and it is also an extremely effective transfer tool. The principle of leverage becomes natural, so that the user can work lightly enough to carry others with their fingers.
This popular product was even introduced on NHK News Ohayo Nippon’s “Machikado Johoshitsu” segment.
Lift assisting jeans
These incredibly comfortable to wear stretch jeans are made in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, the home of jeans made domestically in Japan. Furthermore, they function as an excellent transfer tool, just like LIFYT-pi:vo.
Many long-term care products are made from the perspective of the care giver, but our products are comfortable for both the care giver and care receiver. We consider it important to ensure fashionability that gives hope to day to day life. This product has gained support from people who have spinal cord injuries, and has also been introduced on the show NHK News Ohayo Nippon’s “Machikado Johoshitsu” segment.
Plus pad jeans
This product is “jeans that help prevent fractures.”
It is known that a great number of older people develop femoral neck fractures by falling down, and often become bedridden for that reason. Orthopedic associations recommend attaching a hip protector as an effective way to prevent this.
However, most people are not willing to wear a hip protector, because it is not pleasant or fashionable to wear. This stretch denim was completed as a product that people would want to wear, and was devised so that they can wear a hip protector naturally.
“From drafting to independence” we support new business development the whole way
When you want to start a new business with existing technology
We provide the following business set-up support (consulting services) with an eye on market trends and the future of technology.
We are more than mere consultants, as we actually work hard alongside our customers.

・ Proposal of business ideas
・ Market research based on business ideas (IP, competition, sales channels, market size, etc.)
・ Accompanying development
・ Arranging industry-academia collaboration and corporate collaboration as needed
・ Support for realizing intellectual property
・ Press release and public relations support
・ Collaboration for mass production
When you want to grow new ideas with an eye looking to the next era
We are growing a number of promising new businesses. In addition to patent licenses and transfers that have already been established, we also launch products together from the planning stage.

Past achievements:
Launching an antimicrobial sheet business
Launching disaster prevention DX business
Launching an analyzer business
Technology connoisseurs
When new technologies are brought in for investment and financing, we assist with the following.
(1) Easily understood explanations for laymen
(2) Judgment of authenticity of technology and effectiveness of intellectual property
(3) Assessing current market size and existence of rivals
(4) Presentation of bottleneck elements (technology, sales channels, regulations, etc.)
(5) Judgment of potential for development and presentation of what is necessary to do so (technical requirements, business partners, etc.)



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