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Latest update: 07/04/2022 14:54:24


Our company that produces frozen fish and shellfish foods such as shrimp, fish and squid, also produces procesed and valu added food products as well. Our base is located near the sea and we have our own fishing boats and fishermen so that we can bring fresher seafood to the market.

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Sales Pitch

Expetations ot Japanese Companies
Summery of the Needs
We would like to jointly work on the development of new marine products in order to diversify the products we handle. In addition, we would like to expand our product lineup by importing marine products from Japan.
Puropose of the collaboration
It is to strengthen the market base by diversifying the products we handle and to acquire new customers.
Merit for Japanese Comapany
Our base is close to the sea and has our own fishing infrastructure, so we can easily control the production volume. Therefore, it is possible to adjust production according to the marketing plan on the Japanese side.

Other presentation

【Business summary】
Since its establishment in 1986, we have provided frozen foods such as squid, octopus, shrimp, crab, fish and shellfish, and processed products such as surimi and sashimi to the food industry.  Recently, we are also focusing on the production of processed products such as dim sum. At the head office factory near the sea in Ranong Province in southern Thailand, fish and shellfish are landed by their own fishing boats and fishermen to keep them fresh at all times.
Headquarters factory is located in Ranong Province, southern Thailand close to the sea. We posess our own fishing boats and fishermen, and we have a system in place to provide fresh seafood. In addition, the group companies under the umbrella have obtained various certifications such as fish market, ice making factory, fish slime improvement, drinking water factory, food processing factory, ISO9001, GMP (Ministry of Fisheries), HACCP, HALAL and others.
About 90% of our products are exported, and 45% of them are destined for Japan. For domestic sales, we wholesale Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. Export destinations are 18 countries such as Asian countries such as Japan and China, and Western European countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and France.

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