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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:23


We support the manufacture of all types of rubber products, from general-purpose synthetic rubbers to special compound rubbers and high-performance fluorocarbon rubbers.

Customers can also select materials according to their needs.
We make proposals to keep prices down with general-purpose synthetic rubber and satisfy quality requirements with special compound rubbers.
We have a track record of supporting products that were difficult to manufacture overseas, insisting on domestic production in Japan.

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Sales Pitch

General rubber products, fluorocarbon rubber molded products, vulcanization adhesive
Cost reduction
We purchase a large amount of materials, so we can reduce material costs.
Our primary manufacturing equipment is a vacuum molding machine, so we can cut costs by reducing the defect rate and improving work efficiency.
Quality improvement
We discuss required quality in advance and consider costs, so as not to cause quality defects or excessive quality.
Shortened delivery times
We hold kneading equipment in-house, and normally keep a stock of raw materials at all times.
Therefore, even if we receive a sudden request, we can respond quickly.

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