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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:51


Manufacture and sale of plastic precision injection molded products

We manufacture precision plastic parts and metal processed parts. We have established our own ultra-compact precision molding technology, ultra-thin wall forming technology, and dissimilar material integrated molding technology. With these technologies, we supply precision parts to all industries, such as OA equipment parts such as inkjet printers and copiers, as well as switch buttons for automobile interiors, digital cameras, bearings, medical equipment, and more.

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Business Description
Molding Technology
Our company started by manufacturing wristwatch hands and crowns. Since our founding, we have refined our “precision” and established our proprietary technologies such as “ultra-compact precision molding technology”, “ultra-thin wall molding technology”, and “dissimilar material integrated molding technology”. We contribute to making more compact industrial products by manufacturing precision plastic parts.
Precision Processing Technology
“Ultra-compact precision molding technology” is used to make molded products with an outer diameter of 1 mm or less and molded products with many holes with a diameter of 0.2 mm. Using this technology, it is possible to make 0.6 mm bobbins for PCs, ultra-fine brush-shaped precision molded products with a protrusion tip diameter of 0.1 mm. “Ultra-thin wall molding technology” is used to make molded products with a thickness of 0.1 mm or less, and is often used for parts in copiers.
Dissimilar material integrated molding technology
“Dissimilar material integral molding technology” combines two different materials in dies and molds to mold them. It is a remarkable technology capable of manufacturing combinations of separately made parts at once. We have many achievements, such as development and mass production of precision molded products in combination with light-transmitting resin and the soft resin called elastomer. Our share of automobile interior switches is particularly high.
Overseas Expansion
Technology and Proposal Capabilities
We do precision manufacturing of dies and molds and other products, using our unique technologies such as “ultra-compact precision molding technology”, “ultra-thin wall molding technology”, and “dissimilar material integrated molding technology”. We also provide comprehensive follow up for the development and production of automated machines for production. Our technology and proposal capability enable us to respond to very specialized consultations, and we have been highly evaluated in various fields.
Overseas bases
The Sansyu Group has a total of four overseas manufacturing bases, in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and North America, and takes many local orders overseas. After receiving an order, we do development and design in Japan, then manufacture dies and molds that are critical to precision molding technology. We do molding at overseas bases, then deliver the products to customers. Our process up to delivery is also very speedy.
Clean room
Most of our molded products are manufactured in a clean room, ensuring high quality. We have built clean rooms not only at our head office factory, but also at our overseas manufacturing bases. Rest assured that we will supply locally to customers who do local production.

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