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Manufacture and processing of foundry parts for automobiles, construction machinery, industrial machinery, etc.

We support complex, high precision machining, coating, and heat treatment. We provide one-stop service from casting to processing, through our in-house processing department and network of cooperating companies. We accept detailed orders for parts ranging from small to large, thin to thick, and small to large lot production.

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Business Description
One Stop
■ We are a one-stop manufacturer that turns castings into finished “parts”

Casting products are just “materials”. Processing is essential to making parts incorporated into final products. Through our in-house processing department and network of cooperating companies, we provide one-stop services from casting to processing. We reduce labor for customers with a system in which “Nakahinon Casting handles orders all the way from start to finish”, going beyond simple drilling and polishing to do complex and high precision machining, coating, and heat treatment. We support a wide range of products, both small and large sizes, thin and thick, and small and large lots.
Technology Proposals
■ Our technical proposals can solve various problems based on actual results

Customers often send us not only manufacturing requests, but also requests to solve problems. In such cases as well, we make accurate technical proposals based on our strong track record. For example, products with small holes or complicated internal shapes can become costly due to manufacturing difficulties or make quality unreliable after starting mass production. Even in such cases, we make sure to understand the customer’s needs, then propose shapes that can be made at the optimum cost without hindering function and quality, and guarantee quality with endoscopic examinations. We contribute to solving problems from the perspective of a partner who plays a part in the production of customers’ products.
■ Through collaboration between professionals in each department, we make the impossible possible

Advanced skills of staff and a close cooperation system are important for realizing the content of proposals. We have strong teams of professionals in each department, from sales to casting, processing, quality assurance, and general affairs. Our manufacturing staff has advanced knowledge needed to fix machine failures on their own, and they work diligently to improve our equipment so as to meet the needs of our customers. We also continue to have our veteran engineers pass on skills to younger staff. Our customers have highly praised our speed in setting up new equipment and responding to problems through our strong ability to adapt, unlike large companies, and our culture of actively exchanging opinions.
Quality Assurance System
■ A reliable quality assurance system as a stock market listed company

In order to make 300,000 products per month with the determined quality, we inspect not only finished products but also products in the manufacturing process. For example, we quickly detect wear caused by repeated contact with sand, do maintenance on models, and preserve the product dimensions. We also check and record the entire manufacturing history, including the material dissolution process and sand molding process. We implement thorough problem prevention and investigate causes in the unlikely event.
Production Systems
■ Our production system realizes high quality, both efficiently and safely

Nakanihon Casting has worked on automation for a very long time, and our stance remains the same today. For example, we have a “tertiary cooling system” unique in our industry. Large castings weighing several tens of kilograms require a process of cooling in a mold for 3 to 5 hours in order to stabilize the material. We have a cooling line dedicated to large products, so our production line can operate automatically without stopping. We are also working to improve environments and systems related to safety and quality assurance, such as by developing automatic open/close safety fences to prevent accidents on work sites, and by introducing a solidification analysis system.

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