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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:51

Toza iCreat Co.,Ltd.

We can make all sorts of custom-made products, original building materials, and art pieces!

Feel free to contact us for consultation about all manner of visual design. We should be able to find a solution to whatever problem you are facing. We answer your wishes in the form of useful construction materials.

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[Company Overview]
[Business Description & Features]
We plan, produce, and sell various decorative building materials making full use of all manner of technologies in Japan, from every era and region. All DS series products we introduce are Japanese domestic made products. We respond to various requests with our accumulated experience in holding meetings with designers. Our greatest distinguishing feature is the manufacture of products combining technologies from various specialized manufacturers with high technology, including our core GRC products (cement molded products), as well as special processing with NC processing, aging and other special finishing, metallic clear coating, UV printing, scratch processing, and more. People have many different demands, such as external building materials that can withstand wind and rain, non-flammable wood building materials, new building materials that look aged, materials for making art, materials that shine, materials that look soft but are hard, environmental building materials with humidity control functions, and non-standard building materials. We are currently developing all kinds of products other than glass and metal.
[Main Products (Partial)]
● DSC bricks
 These GRC (glass fiber reinforced cement) cement tiles have a stone-like texture.
● DSC brick special finish
 These bricks have various finishes (custom color, aging, metallic, print) on their surfaces.
● DS wall
 This decorative wall building material is subjected to shallow cutting with an NC lathe on the surface of the base material. It is non-combustible.
● Wrapping Wall
 This non-combustible decorative board has a decorative sheet crimped onto the DS wall.
● DS board
 This decorative plywood has a rough surface, made by kneading natural wood veneer onto the base material.
● DS panel
 This panel is made with a feeling of volume by machining solid laminated lumber from both the front and back sides, and finishing it in a single piece.
● DS finish
 This custom finish is done by applying various special processes to the surfaces of walls and boards.
● DS channel LED
 This channel character sign is made by processing resin with an NC lathe and an LED on it.
[Message from the Representative]
Tozai Create was founded in 2006, and has developed and sold products in forms that meet the needs of visual designers and technical designers under the brand “DS Series”, with a focus on unique decorative building materials such as GRC molded products, machined wall decoration materials, and special finish products. In 2017, we opened our factory in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where we manufacture custom-made products and do research and development for new products. We have a system in place to respond to requests and inquiries from designers in a detail-oriented and speedy manner.
Building materials friendly to people and the environment
Plaster Work Finished Art Panels
These decorative panels have surfaces finished with coating materials made of natural materials, and are one-of-a-kind products that allow users to enjoy dry plastering.
We also have a series with measures adapted to various environments, such as “deodorant, antimicrobial, and antifungal” features using “negative ion generation”.

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