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Latest update: 25/07/2022 14:30:56

Ele Mag Lab. Co.,Ltd.

Create new value in various domains using strong electric fields

By developing and commercializing “Wi-Free,” a freshness maintaining electric field forming device that combines our original relay system with high voltage and low current technology, we create great potential for stable food supply and supply of higher quality frozen foods. In the medical field, we develop safe, secure, and highly effective health equipment using electric fields.

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“Wi-Free” strong electric field stabilization system
Realization of stable food storage and supply, as well as cost performance
In recent years, food shortages and food waste have become problems worldwide. In addition, food stockpiling has become an important theme due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By storing and distributing food with our technology, it is possible to reduce food waste and supply the required amount of food when it is needed. Major Japanese companies have also taken notice of our technology, as means of eliminating various losses and contributing to SDGs*.
*SDGs: An acronym for the Sustainable Development Goals, which consist of 17 major goals and 169 concrete targets. They were adopted at the 2015 United Nations Summit and were set out to be achieved in the 15 years from 2016 to 2030.
The following five are stated as specific needs.
1) Reduction of transportation costs (80% to 90% reduction compared to air transportation)
2) Increase in shipment rate of fresh food (effect of freshness maintenance function)
3) Reduction of food loss (more foods that can be stored for a long time and can be sold)
4) Reduction of loss of working hours (severely long working hours can be reduced with the freshness maintenance function)
5) Reduction of CO2 emissions (according to the Ministry of the Environment)
Smart application of strong electric field and good cost performance
Some development using electric fields
Many changes can be made to matter in an electric field.
1) Drinking water tastes more mellow.
2) Meat is made more tender.
3) Expiration dates are extended.
4) Rice tastes sweeter.
5) Meat of fish firms up.
6) Tannins of wine increase, brining out the astringency and sweetness.
7) Sugar content of fruits increases.
A new form and cost performance for frozen foods
By simply freezing food temporarily stored in a strong electric field, it is possible to make frozen foods with a quality higher than rapid freezing but lower than flash freezing. (We have achieved results with verification tests of a major trading company.)
1) It has been reported that as a result of storing chicken in a strong electric field for about one day, then freezing it in a normal freezer, there is a significant difference from normal freezing.
2) As a result of storing grapes in a strong electric field for about a week and then freezing them in a normal freezer, the taste is sweeter and stronger.

We are also confident that it is possible to make new types of business by freezing products that no one has ever considered freezing.


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