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We sell instruments and equipment for nautical and industrial applications. We also do maintenance so customers can use our products with peace of mind.

We do business every day based on our motto, “Through safety, security, fairness, impartiality, awareness, learning, and connecting, we eliminate strain and waste, making work faster and easier, more fun and fulfilling!” Through our business, we contribute to the safe voyage of ships and national defense of Japan, which are important parts of infrastructure for society. Our employees who play such a role maintain healthy bodies and honest minds, and make the foundation of their resourcefulness with finely honed skills, ability to move forward, and ability to think thoroughly, and ability to work as a team.

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Although we are a general trading company, 70% of our employees are engineers. We do maintenance of nautical instruments and equipment for industrial use that we have sold and respond to customers’ requests, until we have fulfilled our mission for the customer. We hope that the technology and knowledge cultivated by our many engineers since the founding of our company will be useful to as many people as possible. In recent years, we have focused on developing further products in order to respond to the voices of our customers.
The field of our “Marine Department” activities goes to the mother sea
Various technologies and equipment are required to realize safe and comfortable voyages on seas around the world, where tourism and leisure, as well as people-to-people exchange and trade are conducted. Our Marine Department meets such needs by delivering nautical instruments for ships, nautical and meteorological equipment mounted on vessels of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, and next generation marine system equipment aimed at nautical safety and labor saving.
Utilizing our long experience and technical capabilities, we provide various marine equipment and instruments, including GPS to confirm position using satellites, marine radar that could be called the optic nerve of a ship, GMDSS wireless device that supports smooth salvage, autopilot that is indispensable to automatic navigation, gyro compasses that show direction with high accuracy, whistles, propellers, and rudders.
Creating new value with “comprehensive technology” as a driving force for the “Land Division” community
Control is now indispensable in ever more diverse and sophisticated technologies.
  In our Land Division, we accurately grasp various issues regarding the realization of a comfortable working environment and living environment. With intelligent control that integrates sensors, mechanical, power control, and electronics technologies, we pursue streamlining and labor saving, while providing optimum systems to ensure higher safety with extensive experience and technical capabilities.
“Efforts toward product development” challenges the limits of technology
We are working on development of various devices that meet the needs of our customers.
・ Drip stands and wheelchair coupling devices “Aibou,” and “Bibou”
This device was developed in collaboration with the National Hospital Organization, Kure Medical Center. It is an auxiliary tool for a single nurse with a wheelchair to safely and securely moving patients who are getting IV treatment.
・ “Pita Brain” Micro Surgical Armrest
 Participating in the Kure Regional Medical Support Equipment Conference, we have commercialized a microscopic surgery assist device and the universal armrest “Pita Brain,” and are currently supporting surgery done by neurosurgeons in the Kanto, Shikoku, and Chugoku regions.
・ Ship mobility measurement unit
Measures mobility of ship in test runs.
・ Automatic inspection device “Find”
 Product defects are detected by cameras and image processing, then the robot removes them.

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