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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:12

Muto Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

Integrated Support in the Circuit Field with the Core of Circuit Design for Control, Communication, and Power Supply

Our company manufactures electronic circuits (printed circuit boards) from design to finished products, including procurement of electronic components and mounting (assembly). We cover a wide range of fields, such as industrial equipment (e.g., control units for robot systems), in-vehicle equipment (manufacturing power supplies for security cameras in rail cars and coils for bicycles), electronic component mounting, housing assembly, communication equipment, and special precision machinery assembly.


Sales Pitch

Integrated Production from Circuit Design to Board Mounting
In-House Procurement of Electronic Components, Design Capability, Small-Lot, High-Mix Production
(1) Design and prototyping of all types of circuit boards, including single-sided, multi-layered, analog, and digital circuit boards
Digital circuits: System design → Functional design → Logic design → Circuit design → Layout design
Analog circuits: Functional design → Circuit design → Layout design

(2) Specialized in charge/discharge design related to power storage
Board Mounting in Any Size or Shape as Requested
(1) We can handle various types of board mounting, from small to large, thin to thick, and circular to unique shapes.
(2) Capable of mounting components on an ultra-large substrate of 520 x 600 size
Contract Development and Manufacture of Electronic Devices
Contract Manufacture and Assembly of Equipment
Acoustic devices with piezoelectric elements, various sensors, and medical devices.
Design and manufacture of mechanical parts for various inverter devices (inverters for aquarium fluorescent lamps, multi-HID lamp inverters, lamp system and motor system inverters) and lamp system timers (light control timers, etc.).
Contract assembly of equipment such as ticket gates and contract manufacturing of energy storage devices for renewable energy.
Design and Manufacture of Enclosures for Switchboards, etc.
Design and manufacture of control panels for renewable energy-related capacitors and units for generators and charging/discharging equipment
Contracted development of medical equipment and telecommunications equipment
We can handle mechanism design and prototype development for saccharimeters, ultrasonic measuring instruments for fluid systems, etc.
Contract Production of Coils
We provide contract manufacturing services for winding coils, charging coils, etc.

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