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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:27

X2, LLC.

Development of IT products that can be used without even thinking of them

With the aim of integrating care and technology, we develop technology products and services that reduce the workload in the workplace of long-term care, improve productivity, and assist the independence of the elderly.

Through development of monitoring systems for the elderly and information sharing systems for long-term care staff, we solve problems of “executing complex work,” “the turnover problem,” and “overwork of staff” faced by workers on site.

In addition, many long-term care facility managers and business managers tell us, “I want to introduce IT, but it is difficult to establish it firmly.”
With the slogan “anytime,” “anyone,” “easily,” we develop systems that can be used safely and easily by all staff involved.

By developing IT equipment that can be used without even thinking about it, we aim to eliminate barriers to introduction, promote the introduction of IT in long-term care facilities, improve the quality of long-term care services, and improve customer satisfaction in long-term care facilities.

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Sales Pitch

“Smile Serve”, a nursing care information sharing system
“Smiling Video Letters”
You can facilitate deeper communication with family members by streaming video of the users at long-term care facilities.
There is no time limit like online visits, so it is possible to record and stream at any time according to the user’s physical condition.
“Drastic reduction of contact work”
You can share information with their family just by shooting a video and sending a short text message (optional). It is no longer necessary to call about the prognosis of poor physical condition or injuries.
Furthermore, families can view the information they want at any time.

It is possible to make reports with videos and photos, so there is no need for unnecessary greetings as in emails, and text is only supplementary.
Videos can be watched when the family has time, reducing the mental stress on them, and accidents and complaint response can be simplified.
“Can be used for grief care”
It is no exaggeration to say that the purpose of Smile Serve is to enhance grief care.

Grief care helps people cope with loss, such as spouses, children, parents, other family members, and close friends, to share complex emotional states, recover mentally from deep sorrow, and adapt to society.

By allowing remaining family members to view Smile Serve, we can provide close support at all times.

“Grief” means deep sorrow and sadness caused by bereavement. It is also called bereaved family care or grief care because it provides “care” for grief.
“Mirumo”, a smart care link
“Relieves loneliness with a sense of security from being watched out for”
“Mirumo”, our cutting edge monitoring service realized with multifunctional sensors, is a system that gently monitors the lives of users who live far away or need long-term care, while still maintaining privacy.

We support the lives of senior citizens living alone, who tend to feel lonely in our modern society, where communication is weak.

It gives a sense of security to the user who is being gently monitored, and a sense of security to their family members who can monitor them any time. This brings smiles to elderly people who tend to feel lonely and isolated, as well as their families.

From temperature and humidity sensor information, we can send alerts such as heat stroke alerts and influenza alerts.
In addition, because you can get information quickly in the event of a disaster, you can get information on their life as if you were right next to them even if you live far away.

By looking for unusual lifestyle patterns, such as leaving the lights on or leaving the door open, it is possible to provide care immediately.
“Communication made possible”
Mirumo is not just a monitoring device.
You can display the text you want to send on the LCD screen displayed on the main unit.
It is also possible to make simple replies to short messages about medication or waking up, like “Good morning” and “Did you take your medicine?”
Using the call button, it is possible to do daily communication with Mirumo.

It can also be used to display emergency information such as heat stroke alters and influenza alerts, from earthquake early warning and temperature / humidity settings.
“Minimizes danger with outing detection (fugue wandering)”
Using this together with the optional door sensor, it is possible to grasp actions such as exit detection. By linking with multiple sensors, we can obtain accurate position information.

In particular, tracking usage status of toilets and dressing areas is closely tied to the state of health. Users can get important and valuable information as soon as is possible.