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Latest update: 29/11/2022 12:25:05

Suruga Paper Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

We mainly process and manufacture paper packaging and cushioning materials. Please feel free to contact us first! *We are a registered company for the Ministry of the Environment's "Plastic Smart" campaign.
[wadding paper]
[Main uses]
Packing materials, cushioning materials, etc.
[Product Features]
・It is a product that increases the cushioning power by attaching a tissue.・Breathability is good because it is 100% paper.⇒ Even if it is packed immediately after painting, the product will not be easily crimped or discolored.
・"Environmentally friendly products" that can be used for waste paper collection (can also be incinerated)
It is de-plastic tick warm welcome(substitution of chemical products such as air caps and mirror caps)
・Lamination of 2P to 20P is possible according to customer's request.

*This product is a registered product of the Ministry of the Environment "Plastic Smart".
[Embossed paper]
We manufacture products that are embossed (unevenness) on paper.
There are two types as follows.
①"S type" that embosses on a single sheet of paper (1 sheet)
(2) "W type" embossed by pasting two sheets of paper together

It is a product that applies embossed patterns to paper. We protect your products. In 2018, we installed a new machine to increase the production efficiency of embossed paper.

*This product is a registered product of the Ministry of the Environment "Plastic Smart".
Floor protection sheet]... protects important floors during construction.

[Various small rolls and lithographic processing] The paper made by major paper manufacturers is long, big  and heavy (approximately 500 kg).
In this state, packing and packaging workers cannot handle it easily. Therefore, our company uses large and long rolls.
We will process it into an easy-to-handle size (your desired size).



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