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Providing a One-Stop Service from Container Cleaning to Logistics

We provide transportation services, including returnable container (collapsible container, container, food tray) cleaning and installation. The cleaning service combines the effects of cleaning agents, cleaning temperature, cleaning time, and physical action. The transportation service specializes in delivery to event and exhibition venues and can flexibly accommodate a variety of conditions, such as unique venues and interiors. Our network with partner companies nationwide allows us to use a wide variety of vehicle models, enabling us to make the best proposal possible.

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Business Description
Cleaning Service
A cleaning service tailored to your needs and budget.

The optimal cleaning method for each returnable container (collapsible container, container, food tray) varies depending on the condition of the container and the type of contamination (e.g., oil and grease contamination). Based on our experience and track record, we combine multiple cleaning machines and human hands to propose the cleaning method best suited to each customer's needs.

<Three Cleaning Plans>
Standard Cleaning Plan
Common cleaning method using a dedicated washer.
Visual check, washing, rinsing, and visual inspection

Soak Cleaning Plan
Soaking in the most suitable cleaning solution for each stain
Visual check, washing and rinsing, visual inspection, soak washing, hand washing

Special Cleaning
Careful washing by hand and using tools
Visual check, washing and rinsing, visual inspection, soak washing, hand washing

Other options include ATP testing and metal detector inspection.
Transportation Service
As an expert in logistics for exhibitions and new stores, we offer the most suitable vehicle to meet your needs. 

For example, tall trucks can be arranged for tall cargo to be loaded without lying down. Or, we can bring in a power-gate truck to relocate large equipment and facilities or an air suspension vehicle for delicate cargo to mitigate damage.

<Past Transportation Projects>
Intex Osaka, Mydome Osaka, ATC Hall, Kyocera Dome Osaka, Kyoto International Conference Center, Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe, Pacifico Yokohama, Tokyo Ryutsu Center, Tokyo International Forum, Port Messe Nagoya, Marine Messe Fukuoka, West Japan General Exhibition Center, Okayama Convention Center, Yume Messe Miyagi, Access Sapporo, Fukiage Hall

<Types of Vehicles Owned>
4t/7.2 m wing power-gate vehicle
4t/6.7 m wing power-gate vehicle
4t/6.2 m wing power-gate vehicle
4t/6.7 m van power-gate vehicle
4t/6.2 m van power-gate vehicle
2t wide-long van power-gate vehicle
2t long-flat power-gate vehicle
10t low-floor wing power-gate vehicle

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