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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:55

Aoshima Gear Industries Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture of gears and cogwheels for machine tools, as well as gears and cogwheels for industrial machines

We make all gears and cogwheels to order, with the new JIS4 class (N4) accuracy. We deliver high-precision and high-quality products with inspection of all items through our in-house quality control system, focused on gears and cogwheels for gear grinding. All of our products are made to order. We do high-mix low-volume production, offering a total of 25,067 items. We can fulfill orders for even a single unit.

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Business Description
Spur gears and cogwheels and helical gears and cogwheels are most often used for power transmission because they are so easy to manufacture. Our products are mainly for machine tools that require high accuracy, and also support precision of new JIS4 class (N4).
Since our 5-shaft machines do not use special tools, and instead use easily available end mills, we can do processing in a shorter delivery time than when processing with dedicated machines. Processes are shortened, leading to cost reduction.
Because we collect machining oil and smoke floating around our factory, it is more accommodating not only to product management but also to employees and the global environment.
The precision of grinding is greatly affected by changes in the ambient temperature, so we do grinding in a temperature-controlled constant temperature room. The inspection room connected to the grinding room is also kept at the same temperature as the constant temperature room, so we can do speed inspection with no exposure to outside air.

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