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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:55

Higuchi Tekkojo Co.,Ltd.

Various processing, plating, coating, and construction of metal parts

We also handle stainless steel, aluminum, processing of various alloys, and zinc plating processing. Please come to us for various installation work, on-site work, and rust preventive coating. Also, feel free to contact us about anything regarding metal parts. We will respond with our ideas and technology.

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Business Description
Main Business Contents
・ Drawing production with JWW 
・ Various tanks, boiler chimneys, steel ducts, heat exchangers, oil barriers, water tanks 
・ Steel structure construction, steel dismantling construction, hoist construction, steel stairs, steel spiral stairs 
・ Gangways, handrails, security window grids, gates, chemical anchor placement 
・ Steel lids, gratings, guard fences, guard covers, sluice gates, waterways, waterway screens 
・ Avalanche prevention fences, tunnel snow cornice stoppers, chisel quenching, dump heavy-duty machinery repair, piles 
・ Welded piping, screwed piping, bolt production 
・ Strainers, dampers, hopper, cable racks 
・ Railway platform train stop target suspender, railway tunnel adit door repair, soundproof walls 
・ Design signboard bases, signboard pillars, objects of art 
・ Carts, shelves, workbenches, propane storage, garbage collection areas, inspection scaffolding, clotheslines 
・ Candlesticks, iron plates for barbecues, stovetops for barbecues 
・ Machine assembly repair, ski lift maintenance, playset maintenance, snow shovel repair 
・ Long-term care ramps, long-term care handrails
・ Trailer tow hooks, vehicle-mounted racks, various carriers for cars 
・ Various mounts, brackets, snow fences, brazings 
・ Artificial snow maker parts, etc.



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