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Latest update: 06/04/2023 12:36:20

Muto Seisakusho K.K.

Any need for deep hole drilling and pipe inner diameter machining? You can count on us!

We manufacture deep hole drilling processing machines and also offer processing at our company. For pipe inner diameter machining, our strength lies in our revolutionary machining technology for cutting the inner diameter of elliptical pipes into an elliptical shape. We manufacture and sell our own specialized deep hole-drilling machines and high-speed pipe inner diameter processing machines.

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Business description
[Business description/strengths]
Manufacture and sales of our own specialized deep hole-drilling machines and high-speed pipe inner diameter processing machines.
Being equipped with six specialized machines, we focus on contract processing for various sizes and lengths, gun drilling, honing, NC lathing, NC milling, and other processing.
[Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services]
Deep hole drilling is only possible with specialized machines. Further, pipe inner diameter processing is only possible with specialized machines, too. We manufacture and sell these specialized machines. Most of these machines are used for deep hole-drilling of spindles or inner diameter processing of cylinder cases. 
Specialized machines installed on the premises allow us to handle various sizes and lengths. There is an increasing number of requests for a diversity of materials, and we also have experience in nonferrous metals, resins, and others.
[Message from the representative (future efforts to develop sales channels, intentions of utilizing J-GoodTech, etc.)]
We are committed to further sophisticating our proprietary technologies (mainly deep hole drilling), meeting the advanced requirements of our customers and thus contributing to the development of society at large and to the improvement of the global environment. 
We would like more customers to know about our company and enrich society together with us. For this purpose, we hope to meet many customers through J-GoodTech.