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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:53

Konagaya Braid Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture and sale of high-performance plaited cords for industry and general plaited cords for apparel

Manufactures and sells high-performance plaited cords and use technology to supply them. They are used for products that require a high degree of safety, such as electrically insulated sleeves, wire coatings, and binding cords for motors. For apparel, we sell various plaited cords, including both round cords and flat cords.

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Manufacture and sale of motor binding cords and coil binding cords, as well as braids, cords, and sleeves using high-performance fibers
Use scene of motor coil binding cords
Motor coil binding cords are used to bind coil ends for the purposes of preventing loosening, compacting, and securing the insulation distance of coils. Since we use highly heat-resistant fibers (Conex and Nomex), our products can be used for products in environments that emit strong heat.
We also manufacture cord-shaped strings and tubular sleeve strings, so we can propose optimal shape for string according to each customer’s intended applications.

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