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Latest update: 24/03/2022 17:00:35


Dental equipment manufacturer with a proven track record in Japan and overseas

In the manufacture of medical equipment with a track record of more than 80 years in Japan and overseas, we consistently design, develop, process, assemble, and sell dental equipment chairs, microengines (electric motors), air turbines, ultrasonic therapy equipment, etc. We aim to expand sales channels by providing the technology and quality we have cultivated to other fields.

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Sales Pitch

Hope to expand to other fields by utilizing processing technology and assembly technology in medical device manufacturing
Dental chair
We can consistently manufacture and propose machining products, lathe products, boards, electrical wiring, water piping, air piping, cushions, leather, etc.
Electric motor, air motor
It ’s the source of that sound at the dentist,
I think that many people are not good at it, but manufacturing requires quite high technology.
We can propose technologies such as cylindrical grinding, inner  grinding, wire cutting, and CNC Turning.
Ultrasonic therapy device
It is a treatment technique to remove tartar, etc.
We can make various proposals from oscillators to attachments (consumable parts).


See medical device manufacturing technology
Last update:24/03/2022
We made a video of our commitment to manufacturing at the production site. Since it is not mass-produced, our technicians are handmade and produce while thinking about our customers.

Other presentation

[Business description / features]
We are developing a one-stop business that consistently handles the planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of dental equipment in-house. Currently, the technical and manufacturing capabilities cultivated in the dental field are applied to other fields. We are expanding our business to the same medical and veterinary departments.

[Outline of major products / technologies / products / services / use cases]
Based on a therapeutic dental chair
・ Electric motor for treatment
・ Therapeutic air turbine
・ Ultrasonic vibration therapy device, attachments, tooth surface cleaner
・ Water and air supply 3WAY syringe
・ Precision processing technology and assembly technology that make up the above

[Acquisition of certification / permit]
ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485


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