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Creating smart products with a one-stop solution from thread processing to product shipment

We have a production line that can complete all processes from thread covering to knitting, sewing, dyeing, finishing, inspection, and packaging at the factory on the same site, which saves time in the production process. Compress as much as possible. We meet the delivery needs of manufacturers.


Sales Pitch

100% domestic production in Japan, absolute confidence in quality
100% domestic production in Japan, absolute confidence in quality
All products are produced in Japan, and by managing and producing within reach, we will deliver high quality products.
A wide variety of knitting machines and the number of knitting machines to meet your needs
With a total of 398 knitting machines and 97 German knitting machines (Meltz) capable of knitting medical elastic stockings, we will meet all the needs of manufacturers by utilizing the production capacity, technical capabilities and proposal capabilities.

Other presentation

[Business description / features]
We have been researching new fibers while refining our technology along with history in the land of Yamatotakada, Nara Prefecture, which has been developed with Yamato cotton and Yamato Kasuri since the Edo period. The aim is to "balance beauty and health" through socks and stockings. The single-minded attitude and a rich sense of trend that pursues it will soon change to the ability to sensitively grasp the style required by the times, and flexible products. It leads to development.
As an "absolute partner" of our business partners, we are involved in ODM production, which we participate in from the planning and planning stages, and realize the products we request. Even if the request is in a pure white state at the concept stage, we will respond to the best proposal by making a prototype that brushes up the past manufactured products by utilizing the knowledge and experience so far.
Our commitment, technical capabilities, and responsiveness to the realization of "beauty and health" as well as planning and proposals create infinite possibilities for the future.

[Outline of major products / technologies / products / services / use cases]
Previously, stockings accounted for about 95% of our products. However, as many overseas products have arrived due to changes in fashion and the appreciation of the yen, we are focusing on health-oriented product planning such as compression socks and medical elastic stockings as new items to replace stockings. I put in. In addition to leg knits, we also carry a wide range of products such as circular knit innerwear, various supporters, gloves, and industrial filters.
Since overseas knitting machines are extremely excellent for manufacturing more stable products, we are actively investing in equipment and now we are proud of the number of machines we own, which is one of the best in Japan. (A total of 398 units, of which 97 are owned by expensive Meltz knitting machines that can knit medical compression stockings)

[Acquisition of certification / permit]
KES Environmental Management System Standard Step 2 Registration Number: KES2-0098 (July 1, 2004)

Medical device manufacturing license acquisition category: Medical device general license number: 29BZ200007 (July 30, 2007)