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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:00


We will solve your problems, as a cleaning company specialized in stone and carpet recycling.

Since our founding, we have specialized in recycling (cleaning) of stone and carpet, and have accumulated original know-how from our wealth of experience and achievements. So far, we have visited many large companies, ordinary households, hotels, restaurants, and more clients to fulfill various orders. In most cases, customers who came to us once ask us to serve them again. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our service.

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[Company Overview]
[Business Description & Features]
● Stone recycling cleaning
・ Marble, artificial marble (diamond polishing, slide polishing, stain removal, high pressure cleaning)
・ Granite (diamond polishing, stain removal, outer wall cleaning)
・ Other case examples (bathing facilities, anti-slip, coating, repair)

● Tile carpet reuse business
・ Total reset wash of tile carpet
・ Purchase of used tile carpets, washing and recycling, sales of reused tile carpet with the brand name “Ethire” (ethical + recycling).
[Our strengths]
● Customer satisfaction is our top priority!
We accept requests from customers and make the best proposals, based on experience and know-how unique to us as a specialized cleaning company.
If deterioration progresses over time, we will explain the situation and promise the best proposal while checking the limits of finish.

● Veteran skills enable us to restore the beauty of new construction
As the company name of MC Planners indicates (M for marble, C for carpet), we specialize in cleaning stone and carpets. That is why we can acquire highly specialized skills and give back all that we have to our customers.

● In-house construction by skilled craftsmen
“Looking at the degree of dirt and the area, we can see how to clean it.” Our veteran craftsmen tell us this. This is because they have seen so many stone and carpet floors that know-how about cleaning is ingrained in into their very bodies. Cleaning is done by craftsmen who have the skills to respond appropriately to conditions, so please leave it to us.

● We contribute to SDGs in the tile carpet reuse business
Tile carpets used in many buildings have been replaced due to restoration work following the move-out of tenants. 100,000 tons are discarded every year. MC Planners is engaged in a business to wash away dirt with “total reset wash”, and recirculate carpets to society as hygienic reuse products.
The corporate goal of MC Planners is to aim for a society where tile carpets are not wasted.
[Message from the Representative]
We established our company in 1994, as a cleaning company specialized in marble and carpet. Especially for special cleaning of stone, there are few contractors similar to us, so building owners, hotels, building management companies, and many other customers in various fields have inquired with us, and we have received high praise for the aesthetics of our facilities, the improvement of asset value, and the reduction of management costs. With regard to carpets, we are working on remanufacturing by whole wash reset, with the goal of reaching a society where tile carpets are not wasted. MC Planners contributes to prevention of global warming by reducing waste and CO2 through recycling of stone and carpet. At the same time, we believe it will be useful for customers who asked us to work on SDGs and ESG management.
*Tile carpet reuse product sales site