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Total support for mechanical design

We provide total support for industrial machinery, from field surveys to planning design, detailed design, on-site production SVs, and installation SVs.
Based on many years of experience in the workplace and our achievements in design, we provide a one-stop plan that is optimal for each customer.
Also supports on-site production / installation SVs and maintenance. We manufacture products in Japan and overseas, and do on-site dispatch for local installation of SVs. Our workplace supervisors with design knowledge go on-site to faithfully reflect design concepts on products. We respond promptly on the spot even when there are sudden changes to design or plans.

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Business Description
Field research / measurement work
We do field surveys and measurement work related to new installation and remodeling of equipment. As part of this, we do detailed surveys from the viewpoint of design and construction, to confirm current defects and pick up problems.
We have a track record of surveying and sketching not only in Japan, but also overseas.
We complete everything on our own, from making tentative plan drawings before surveys to providing detailed measurement results after surveys.
We also support measurement of entire factories and confirmation of wear on mechanical parts, using our 3D scanners. We can do accurate data collection in a short time and at low cost.
CAD design and drawing work
Based on our on-site surveys and measurements, we consider new equipment to install or remodel, and provide the optimum designs to our customers based on our know-how, which is backed by past achievements.
We handle drawing, including plans, schematics, assembly, structural calculations, and other drawings necessary for production.
Can manufacturing and assembly work
We manufacture and assemble low-cost, high-quality products in collaboration with our strong affiliates in Muroran, “City of Steel”.

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