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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:57

Air Pure Co.,Ltd.

Our strengths are our unique technology using ultraviolet light and ozone, and our 30 years of experience.

We have many achievements, including disinfection and deodorization equipment for medical institutions, food factories, and supermarkets, as well as deodorant equipment for JR and other railway station toilets, and sterilization equipment for Miyamizu hard water used for sake brewing by the Nadagogo groupings of sake breweries. We also do design and development of inverter circuits, etc.

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Various proposals for UV and ozone application equipment and energy saving
Sterilization and deodorization using ultraviolet rays and ozone
We have manufactured and developed a large number of different disinfectant deodorant equipment and water sterilization equipment using ultraviolet rays and ozone (Our achievements are numerous, including sterilization of commercial equipment, pools, and Miyamizu water used for sake brewing).
Manufacturing and development of small embedded and portable UV ozone generators
We have a record of jointly obtaining patents (white coat sterilization locker, kitchen knife sterilizers, etc.)
Consulting on hygiene measures for medical facilities, long term care facilities, food factories, and offices
Ozone concentration control technology using corona discharge
The combination of negative ion generation with corona discharge, ozone concentration control, and ozone-generating ultraviolet lamps has a strong record of obtaining patents with air activation technology.
When applied to air purifiers, air taken from outside is strongly sterilized with ultraviolet light and ozone inside. At the same time, it can suppress emitted ozone concentration to 0.03 PPM or less, which is far below the working environment standard value. This means that it can achieve both high sterilizing power and safety.
Diagnosis, R&D of various devices related to energy saving
In the past, we have acted as an advisor to Kyoto Prefecture and Kobe City, as an energy conservation consultant. We have many achievements in the Energy Saving Act, the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures, and specific energy saving presentations.
We also have many achievements in major supermarkets, some listed company factories, pachinko parlors, and more.

We provide consulting services centered on the Energy Saving Act compliance, energy saving diagnosis, energy measurement, and energy saving design to meet the needs of companies.

Consulting Business
・ Consulting on CO2 reduction.
・ Consulting for Energy Saving Act compliance
・ Energy saving diagnosis, energy saving design
・ Consulting on production control and efficiency
● Design business
・ Energy saving diagnosis, energy saving design
Environmental design
● Product development business
・ Product development related to power supplies and inverters
・ Orders for OEM product development
・ Joint research product development

This makes it possible to extract specific energy-saving parts.
• We can recognize energy-saving items and propose optimum combination methods.
• We can do reliable performance evaluation, starting from development of energy-saving products.
• We have a backup system for our company, including outsourcing.

Past Achievements
House Foods Tokyo Head Office / Osaka House Foods
Nissui Group (Tomiso)
Sports gym chain (Tipness)
Kyowa Exeo
Logistics center (Maruwa Group)
Dyflex (Head Office)
Supermarket chain (Co-op Kobe)
Construction company (Taisei Corporation)
Others (schools, hospitals, public facilities, factories, large bath houses, hot spring facilities…)



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