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Latest update: 03/02/2022 22:00:29

Ishikawa shop Co., Ltd.

Small swirl type micro bubble generator; the store of origin

Bringing microbubble technology to the world. Next-generation environmentally friendly (SDGs) for reducing regular maintenance costs. For higher efficiency and shorter time. The product concept is low pressure, low (saving) electricity, and low cost.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Swirling fine bubble generator (two-fluid nozzle), watering head
Scenes and uses
"From the technical side"
① Widely improve the water environment. (Improvement of water quality in ponds and dams, reduction of chemical usage in water purification plants (promotion of reaction time))
② Industry. (Washing field; cleaning of precision equipment, washing tub, application to high pressure washer, drainage, pipe cleaning, application to machine oil, etc.)
③ Agriculture. (Especially irrigation, hydroponics, plant factories, etc. Chemical solution spraying, sprinklers, X-iron equipment, etc.)
④ Fishing industry. (Especially for aquaculture, etc. Increased dissolved oxygen amount in aquaculture, antibacterial and bactericidal action when used in combination with ozone)
⑤ Livestock industry. (Especially related to stress relief, immunity enhancement, growth promotion, urine processing, etc. of each individual, such as washing cows, pigs, poultry houses, and stables (horses))
⑥ Medical treatment. (Diabetes gangrene lavage, dentistry; oral lavage, increase in IGF-1 by bathing, promotion of blood circulation)
⑦ Energy related. Application to internal combustion / external combustion systems (fuel fields such as power plants and bio-energy).
⑧ Food related. (Used for sake, tofu, soba, mayonnaise, etc., cut vegetable washing, etc.)
⑨ Cosmetology related. (Use for shower heads, etc. Entry into the beauty industry (barber stand, etc.), cosmetics, etc.)

"As a tourism resource"
⑩ As a bubble generator for bathing (assistance). (There are cases where the introduction to hot springs helped to promote the region)
⑪ As an educational background. For example; tourist destinations and inbound effects by growing tomato trees (hydroponics).
Providing benefits
The possibilities are expanding in all fields dealing with liquids (water) and gases (air) in the world.

◎ Cost reduction
Routine maintenance work, improvement and simplification of system maintenance. Especially in cleaning maintenance.

◎ Mass introduction of fine bubble generator is possible
Supports mass introduction. Reduction of equipment installation costs in large facilities such as various plants, and stabilization of the system.

◎ Proposal of new technology, improvement of productivity
By using the generator together, it is possible to develop original technology (in-house production). Create a foundation for new technologies like never before.
Differentiate from other companies' products
The concept is low pressure, low (saving) power consumption, and low cost. Can be used continuously in a sewage environment (prevents clogging). The generator can be cleaned and maintenance is easy.


パンフレット_石川酒店_ver1 .pdf

パンフレット_石川酒店_ver2 .pdf



Shower head_test movie
Last update:03/02/2022
You can check the amount of bubbles generated in the water. Since it is a direct injection method and direct self-priming, the amount of air is different compared to other companies' products.
3WAY method (protein skimmer) for cleaning (sand dust), improving dissolved oxygen, and physical filtration
Last update:03/02/2022
It is a type in which a fine bubble generator is embedded in sand. It can improve dissolved oxygen in gravel, activate microorganisms, filter, and wash at the same time.
General household (aeration) model, φ25 mm
Last update:03/02/2022
It is a model for normal use and general individuals. For research and development.
Tiger puffer farming
Last update:03/02/2022
State of tiger puffer farming (φ65 mm model)
Char farm
Last update:03/02/2022
This is a test movie at the char farm. (Φ300 model)

Other presentation

[Business description / features]
The "swirl type" fine bubble generator can be of any size. Smaller ones range from 5 mm (the smallest size ever) to larger ones 600 mm (or more). This eliminates the nozzle clogging of the intake port (water inlet, air inlet), which has been a problem in the past. Withstands continuous use for a long time, can be cleaned and is easy to maintain. Continuous use in sewage is also possible. It can be used in a wide range of scales and applications that other companies' products do not have, which is possible because of its simple structure.

Mainly as fishery, beauty, and agricultural materials. Various types of cleaning, aeration, and dissolved oxygen improvement for each industry can be performed using a swirling type micro bubble generator. For reduction of maintenance costs. Also to save time. The concept is low pressure, low (saving) electricity, and low cost. Handling of micro bubble shower head is available. (

[Outline of major products / technologies / products / services / use cases]
Examples: Flour milling (rice) washing, vegetable washing, hydroponics (plant factory), large-scale char farming, tiger puffer fish farming, oyster sterilization washing, sand aeration washing (civil engineering / dredging), etc.

[Application / acquisition of intellectual property (patents, utility models, etc.)]
No. 4903292 <Swirl type fine bubble generator>
No. 4621796 <Swirl type fine bubble generator>

[Awards and media publications]
Good Aquarium Design 2020 Silver Award
Good Aquarium Design 2021 Winner
Monthly Aqua Life Advertising

Girls Happy Style (TV broadcast December 2020)
October issue of monthly women's information magazine "Pocoche" (issued on September 25, 2020)
Handbook; This is the boom of Reiwa! (2021 version)

Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize Jegtech, etc.)]

We are working to promote the spread of microbubble technology to the world. It can be widely applied to agriculture / fishery / livestock industry, beauty / medical field, electric / water / gas related infrastructure, fuel technology, etc. From the countryside, in order to disseminate this technology to the world, we are looking for a wide range of people and companies who can support and support individually, both domestically and internationally. We will provide patented technology, including improving local employment and attracting companies. We would be grateful if you could lend us your power to promote the spread together. If you are interested in micro-bubble (fine bubble)technology, please feel free to contact us.