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Latest update: 14/06/2022 14:15:39

Digital Cruise Inc.

We innovate uses of video by companies with our visual DX strategy, that utilizes video distribution and digital signage, in order to support new business development.

Since our establishment in December 2006, we have planned, developed, and provided video distribution platforms and digital signage in-house, growing together with our customers. With knowledge we have accumulated so far, we respond to needs for DX initiatives using distribution functions, data, and digital technology. 

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Realization of visual DX with video distribution and use of digital signage
Large-scale digital signage service with over 15,000 units installed
It offers high stability, and significantly lower initial introduction costs compared to the conventional STB because it is Android based.
We can also do multi-site distribution to tens of thousands of units.
Users can set the operating rights that define in detail the target and contents of what can be operated, and operate large-scale distribution smoothly.
"admintTV", a world class video platform and "AdmintTV Biz" which fully supports video content distribution business
The video distribution system platforms admintTV Biz and admintTV are video distribution systems that are always equipped with the latest world-class features.
Because we developed this system in-house, we were able to realize a top-class platform at a lower price than the industry average.
We have also implemented DRM (digital rights management) and have introduced it to many companies, as a safe and secure video distribution system platform.
admintTV has the latest world-class features and supports both VOD and live performances. It is a cloud-based video content distribution platform service that enables low cost, safe, and easy multi device viewing of content.
admintTV Biz is a service that fully supports website development, video content distribution, DRM (digital rights management), multi-device viewing of content, payment service, and customer video content distribution businesses.
Lecture Live Pro fully supports live distribution businesses
We offer a one-stop support service, from various arrangements for live distribution of diversifying seminars, to photography, to distribution, to audience analysis.
Our live distribution has been highly evaluated by many customers for both distribution quality and service quality.
Always working toward “operation that never causes problems with distribution,”
we hope you can use our high-quality services with a sense of security.
We provide a one-stop service with careful preparations in advance.
We have introduced this to many industries and companies, such as online medical lectures, closed conferences of corporations and organizations, entertainment industry companies (live music / live talks), academic societies and forums, etc.


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