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Latest update: 26/05/2022 09:37:25

CIS Corporation

We have a strong commitment to in-house development as we conduct our business

We offer one-stop development of cameras and image processing devices, including everything from hardware and software to applications.

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Industrial cameras
◆ Machine vision cameras
Our industrial cameras are made in pursuit of “small size,” “high speed,” and “high performance.”
As a domestic manufacturer, we are quick to commercialize cameras equipped with CoaXPress I/F, and we offer a lineup of many models, from VGA to 250 MPix.
We are known as pioneers of pixel shifting cameras, but we will also expand our lineup to areas other than visible light cameras, such as SWIR, polarization, and ToF cameras. They can be used not only for FA applications, but also a wide range of applications including robots, surveying or measuring instruments, and logistics.

◆ Visual cameras
This color camera is equipped with our original high-performance camera signal processing algorithm “Clarivu™” ISP. In addition to HD and 4K products, we also offer ultra high sensitivity full HD cameras with a minimum object illuminance of 0.0005lx.
In addition to recording of various sporting events, as well as VR, drones, surveillance, in-vehicle applications, and more, the high definition image quality and high color reproducibility, mean it can also be used for medical and life science equipment, such as microscopes and endoscopes.
Development and licensing of image processing software algorithms
We provide IP licenses for 3A (AE/AWB/AF), HDR, 3DNR, Dehaze, DRE (Dynamic Range Enhancer), and more, including ISP (Image Signal Processing) Clairvu™ developed by CIS. Our image processing IP was developed with implementation to Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in mind. Its greatest feature is that it achieves high image quality that can handle broadcast quality, while having a relatively small circuit size. Each module of the ISP is designed to be used independently, so that customers can use only the modules that they need. We also have a lineup of receiver IPs for sensors compliant with SLVS-EC*.

*SLVS-EC is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
Custom imaging solutions
We develop custom image processing systems that meet the needs of our customers.
Our system can handle everything from selection of key devices including image sensors, to system configuration proposals, circuit design, firmware development, application software development, trial manufacturing, and mass production.



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