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“Technology with Heart”
- Making products with sincerity -

We are a processing manufacturer of precision parts that produces precision parts used in industrial machines, and also test and measurement equipment.
Even the same product, if it is made with sincerity, will be a bit different. We work to craft products every day with that idea in mind.

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Processing Technology
Shaft processing
Compatible with various materials, such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminum.
Our factory is fully equipped with a cylindrical grinding machine, balancer, welding equipment, and an industrial furnace. We have also established a system that supports short turnaround with integrated production in-house.
We respond to various requests in collaboration with more than 100 cooperating companies, including large lathes, heat treatment (tempering, high frequency, etc.), surface treatment (various plating, various polishing, etc.), special processes (gun drills, various types of gear cutting, etc.), and more.
We have introduced high-precision machining centers for dies and molds, in order to meet our customers’ needs for more precise machining.
We have also introduced a 5-shaft multifunction machine, wire cutting machine, surface polishing machine, and more, so that we can handle products of various shapes.
In addition, we have four horizontal machining centers that can handle up to 1,000 mm, and can handle boring processing that requires concentricity. We also operate overnight with our horizontal machining centers, which are equipped with 12 pallets and 6 pallets, and can handle repeated production of relatively large products.
4-shaft machining (index machining)
The 4th shaft (indexing) can be attached to a machining center for B-axis machining.
Most machining centers in our company are equipped with 4th shaft equipment, so they can handle shafts up to 1,800 mm.
We also excel at suction rolls and scroll cams with about 1,000 holes.
It can also be used for quenching (tempering and induction hardening), polishing (mirror polishing and cylindrical polishing), plating (electroless and hard chrome), etc.
Vietnam Procurement
In 2012, we established a local subsidiary, Takayoshi Vietnam Co., Ltd., in the My Phuoc Industrial Park in, Binh Duong Province, 50 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2018, we established Takayoshi Japan Co., Ltd., which specializes in procurement in Vietnam.
We provide foundry products, welding products and other products which have become difficult to procure in Japan, in small lots and with delivery turnaround (about 2 weeks to 2 months) and Japanese high quality.

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