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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:54


We process a wide variety of materials, including fibers, metals, and resins

We realize top quality with production equipment developed in-house and our original technology, for everything from material processing and molding, to dyeing and special processing of highly difficult finished and semi-finished products.
We respond to a wide range of requests, including addition of features such as anti-virus, deodorization, or temperature maintenance, as well as dyeing of highly difficult finished and semi-finished products, and shipment of works in process, etc. 
We use materials that are friendly to both humans and the environment for coating agents and phosphorescent materials.

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Product Information
Technology introduction
The “metal processing” production line, which can mold metal into any shape, boasts high quality stability thanks to total automation. We have made many achievements, in everything from household goods to industrial materials, with nylon coating that adds various functions to coated products. We offer dyeing for various finished and semi-finished products, including fabrics, resins, composite parts, and finished parts, and anti-virus function can be added .
Special processing
“Resin processing” can add features, such as antimicrobial, deodorant, temperature maintenance, and fragrance. Power control is also possible, depending on the pattern to be printed and the type of resin. “Adhesive processing” is a technology for adhering fabrics to fabrics with hot melt adhesives, thermoplastic films, etc. Sewing is omitted, so the hide side is flat, and it is used in various applications.
Special materials
We developed “9 Shuun™”, a shock-absorbing foaming agent that adds lightness and softness, in addition to safety. High luminosity phosphorescent material processed with industry-leading phosphorescent powder absorbs LED light sources and weak light, and remains visible for about 8 to 12 hours, with 20 minutes of phosphorescence. It is used for myriad purposes, including emergency exit signs and screw heads.

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