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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:54

ANDOR Co.,Ltd.

Development and sales of products related to CAD/CAM/CAE

Using CAD/CAM technology as our core, we do everything from mechanical design, to electrical and electronic design, development of embedded software and business software, and system operation and maintenance. We provide comprehensive services for any category or domain, covering a wide range of domains from large general-purpose machines to open systems, basic software to applications, and control systems to business systems.

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Business Description
Business solutions
We support our customers' business with reliable technical skills, from business application system development to maintenance work.

◆ Business Application Development
We develop core business systems, such as production management systems and sales management systems, according to our customer’s issues.

◆ Online System Development
We provide various online systems, such as data management systems and e-commerce systems for banks, cellular phones, automobiles, and more.

◆ Content Development
We develop digital materials for school education, and also prepare download drawings and 3D data for manufacturers.

◆ Customization of CAD/CAM software
We can develop systems specific to each customer, using our drawing processing technology accumulated by CAD/CAM product development.
We also propose solutions to advanced problems that cannot be solved with general software companies, such as customization to improve the work efficiency of CAD systems introduced by customers.
3D solutions
With 3D printers, we make prototyping faster, cheaper, and more diverse.
We use optimum methods to help you convert the things you want to make into 3D data.
We handle everything from 3D data production to modeling with 3D printers.
By producing 3D data that takes into consideration both definitions of design requirements made by engineers who are familiar with 3D printers, as well as the characteristics of the 3D printers themselves, we eliminate modeling problems with 3D printers and complete highly accurate 3D objects.
IT infrastructure solutions
We support our customers’ stable operations by improving the efficiency and optimization of networking infrastructure and system operations.

◆ Networking infrastructure development
With consideration for security risks, we propose the networking you need for your business.

◆ Networking management
We provide functions required for management, such as minimizing networking troubles and responding quickly to failures.

◆ System operation and monitoring
We support your system operations with high expertise and reliability backed by our strong achievements.

◆ Introduction of servers/networks
We also offer consultations about introduction of new servers and networks.

◆ Selection/introduction of operation management tools
We provide a one-stop service from selection and introduction to operation, in order to improve the environment for stable operation of your CAD system.
We propose IT solutions that make your business easy to operate, with total consideration, from installation of hardware such as servers and networks, to system operation and monitoring.
Embedded solutions
We support a wide variety of embedded systems, including both software and hardware.

◆ Development of Embedded Microcomputers
We work on upstream processes such as requirement definition and specification development for embedded control programs in machinery installed in public transit.

◆ On-board Firmware Development
We undertake the challenge of developing cutting edge software, such as fixing middleware for car navigation.

◆ Wireless LAN system development (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth)
Wireless LAN has become an essential part of everyday life, and we make it more convenient and comfortable. We provide systems that can be operated without stress.

◆ Development of wireless terminals for public use
We work on public wireless systems such as disaster prevention wireless systems and intelligent transport systems (ITS), based on technology we have cultivated in mobile communication systems.
Mechanical design
We do analysis and support for mechanical design, from CAD data design to 3D modeling.

◆ Design and analysis of engines, bodies, etc. in the automotive field
◆ Hydraulic cylinder, harnesses design in the field of construction machinery
◆ AV equipment, home electronics appliance design, and mechanical design in the home appliance field
◆ 2D/3D CAD data conversion
◆ Modeling with 3D printers
Electrical and electronic design
We support customers’ monozukuri (manufacturing) with a wide range of technologies and knowledge, from LSI design to verification and evaluation.

◆ Front end design
Logic synthesis, DFT

◆ LSI design
RTL design, high-level synthesis

◆ LSI verification
Simulation, assertion formal, lint check, etc.

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